An interview with Francesca Polato, Berto Marketing Manager

An interview with Francesca Polato, Berto Marketing Manager



The Première Vision Marketplace decided to kick-off the launch of its denim offer just after the Denim Première Vision show, which this season opens its doors on 28 May in Milan.

ln light of this, the Marketplace is pleased to put the spotlight on Berto : a major supplier in the ltalian denim industry, which is closely collaborating on a new project with the Denim Première Vision team to be featured at the Milan show.


This provided an opportunity to talk with Francesca Polato, Berto's Marketing Manager, who tells us more about the company in the following interview.



ln Berto, we have the mission to be "an indigo artisanal laboratory"


Francesca Polato, Berto's Marketing Manager



Francesca, would you please introduce yourself?


l'm Francesca Polato and I work as Communication Manager in the Berto Marketing department. 1 work in Berto since 3 years. 1 really love my job, because I can tell clients, suppliers, journalists about all the interesting things we do in Berto. At the same time I am in strict contact with Product Development department and I can follow the construction of the collection, during which, day by day new beautiful fabrics were born.







What are the most distinctive features of your company and its products ?


The most distinctive feature of Berto in my opinion is the capacity to combine tradition and innovation. The company thanks to its 130 years of history is able to preserve all the skills gained through the years and put them together with research and innovation, investing in new technologies but always preserving the historic know how.
The distinctive feature of our products is the indigo. We aim to combine indigo warp with multiple wefts in order to obtain really different and unexpected images: not only the standards denim fabrics but also beautiful constructions and combinations that let us to define ourselves "an indigo artisanal laboratory".




Can you describe the Berto style to us? What is specific about it?


ln Berto, as I just said we have the mission to be "an indigo artisanal laboratory", so we try to focus our products in that mission. But at the same time the Berto style handed down over the years is about elegant denim, characterized by a fiat aspect, not too raw, but always remembering the typical 3/1 indigo fabrics. Do not forget that Berto is also recognized for the yarn dyed fabrics. We are specialized in the stripes denim of all compositions and weights. But also in the color denim, obtained by sulphur colors.





Berto is very attached to the 'Made in ltaly' concept. Can you please tell us why, and to what extent this is reflected in your company?



For our company the Made in ltaly is not a mere style issue, it means ltalian production chain, workers' and territorial respect. A long story of textile knowledge, a great devotion to work, a unique company that has been able to preserve and transmit in different sectors its cultural baggage and its precious know-how.
The company, historically linked to its surroundings, throughout these years has increased and has strengthened the efforts to maintain the whole production in its historical establishments and today the company is proud to be part of the ltalian denim production chain.




Can you tell us about your clients? What are their specific needs and expectations in terms of denim?


Our clients expect from Berto a really high quality denim fabric, produced in ltaly under strict sustainability standards. We have some historical clients who know Berto since a lot of years and they trust Berto and its products, but we also have some new clients every day, also from haute couture that search for Made in ltaly high quality materials for their beautiful collections. We are also trying to approach clients from new sectors like interior design.



You are one of the supplier-partners involved in a collaboration between ltalian designer Kristian Guerra and the Première Vision teams, a project to be showcased at the next Denim Première Vision show in Milan next 28 to 29 May.

Can you tell us a little more about this collaboration?


ln Berto we are really excited and curious about Kristian's special project. lt will be really
innovative and extraordinary, in the true sense of the word. This means that it will be something never seen in past exhibitions. The Kristian's team came in Berta some days ago and made some beautiful video footage to the production, and they also brought with them some special raw materials and production-waste to be shown in Milan. Let'see!!







ln the denim industry, eco-responsibility has become more than just a trend...What are Berto's concrete actions and projects in this area?


Seing a sustainable business for Berto is not the end goal but a shared value. Sustainability is a process closely linked to research and innovation. Over the years, all production processes have been redesigned and improved to ensure maximum efficiency. We value our resources. We save energy and recover the surplus. We treat our industrial waste and leave a subtle and responsible impact on the environment. We pass all the tests and certifications per the law with regards to environment and health protection. We pay great attention to energy recovery, to constant research of ecological materials, natural processes and water recovery. We are proud of all this because the environment is everything.
We have day by day new challenges in terms of sustainable production, because the
world is running fast and every minute there are some new things to do to save it.

ln Berto we are going on with PIANETA project thanks to which we are reusing some unavoidable waste of the indigo dyeing process in order to improve our circularity.
Moreover we are going to do a special Sustainability Report, more precise and certified.


You put creativity at the heart of your collections. Can you please tell us about the creative process inside Berto and, more generally, about your sources of inspiration?


ln Berto every season we get inspired by a creative theme, which guides us in creating the new collection. We start from a special topic, decided by our Creative Director, and then day by day we give life to beautiful new fabrics perfectly matched with the creative theme. Our sources of inspiration corne from the everyday life or also from some special anniversaries like the one of the previous collection (FW20) that was BAUHAUS inspired. ln 2019 in fact there is the anniversary of the BAUHAUS Art and Design school.


What are the particular inspirations and highlights of your next winter 20/21 collection?


Berto FW 20/21 collection is called REBELLIOUS SPIRIT.


ln this collection we want to transgress and be noticed, but always with elegance. The key word of this season is "BREAK THE RULES". We want to represent the young generation who is young and self-deprecating. Change does not frighten them, they want to get out of the sameness.


We would like to follow the trend of fluo colors putting them together with blue and black that are (thanks to indigo) our core colors. So we want to satisfy the desire to dare, to transgress, to be noticed, but still, with maximum elegance thanks to the combination with blue and black. This will be possible thanks to some blue and black denim fabrics with fluo colored wefts.





Than we want to continue our stripes tradition also in winter season. And this will be possible with some stripes fabrics overdyed with blue and black.

We will propose some other wool blends and evident structures.

Finally we want to follow the trend of "the new ways of TRANSPORT". Right now we have a lot of chances when we want to go from a place to another: by foot, by bus, by car, by taxi...but also by uber, by flixbus, by blablacar, by bikesharing, carsharing. So you must wear a garment done with a fabric that support every one of these types of transport. ln this case we will propose waterproofs treatments, breathable fabrics and super-stretch fabrics with high performances.


You were one of the first denim suppliers to put their trust in the Marketplace. What are your expectations for this BtoB platform?


ln Berto we really believe in the help of internet in order to show clients our fabrics and
also to self them. The PV Marketpleace is a really interesting tool that permit to clients to see a part of our collection and to directly ask us some more information even if they are far from us.


Discover the company Berto on the Denim Première Vision show in Milan the 28th and 29th of May 2019 by getting your free pass. 


To continue to the online shop of Berto, click here


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Berto Textile lndustry was founded in 1887 in Bovolenta, a little town near Padua, by two brilliant brothers: Giuseppe and Egidio Berto.

The company, historically linked to its surroundings, throughout these years has increased and has strengthened the efforts to maintain the whole production in its historical establishments and today the company is proud to be part of the ltalian denim production chain.
Since its origins, Berto has been able to constantly reinvent itself: the company started as a manufacturer of sailcloth fabrics for the sailing vessels of the near Venice, to then move to the production of workwear, home textiles, tablecloths, shirting and finally the DENIM. This long route has turned Berto into a strong company that offers a wide and custome made range of products, with a flexible manufacturing system. Berta is a company close toits customers.


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