BEST S/S 2020 FABRICS: A season in motion

BEST S/S 2020 FABRICS: A season in motion


The Best survey, based on interviews with over 300 Fabrics and Designs exhibitors at the February 2019 Première Vision Paris show, highlights the leading fabric trends for Spring Summer 2020.


The last February edition of Première Vision Paris unveiled a S/S 2020 destined to be "a full, different and strong season infused with enthusiasm."


This enthusiasm was also reflected in the buyers' choices, with textiles incorporating energy, motion, and agility.


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Agility and suppleness



Among the buyers' favourite choices this edition were supple fabrics to accompany the body in motion. Stretch but fluid, they ensure maximum comfort. Next season looks to be dynamic but comfortable.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | TAKISADA-NAGOYA, Japan | Réf : 81-4112 - CO T400 4WAY STRETCH | 100% POLY | See more




Materials in motion




Firmness and springiness are losing ground, making way for more suppleness and comfort. In light tops and dresses, this fluidity is above all synonymous with softness and lightness.

A hunt for suppleness was also evident in women's tailoring. Dry and rigid handles were put aside in favour of fluid and sensual suitings and silkies.  While crepes hold steady, choices went more to blends of artificial fibres, particularly stretch blends.




Fabrics | Color-Woven | LINEAESSE TESSUTI, Italie | Réf : SABINE 10 - CO SABINE 10 | 53%CO 20%LI 15%SE 12%VI | See more



Suppleness in menswear



In menswear movement is paramount as well, and, notably, fluidity is referenced for the men's wardrobe too. Buyers are moving towards less rustic, ultra-light and sometimes even transparent cottons and wools. This confirms our previous article highlighting a focus on lightness. These lightweight fabrics are especially interesting  for sleeved tops.





Fabrics | Casual| A Têxtil de Serzedelo, s.a., Portugal | Réf : A 626 FDO Des. 17902 col. 2 - CO Fade Out Seersucker | 100% Cotton | See more





Lively materials 



Vivacity, movement, energy: this season, casual looks and sportswear favour textiles with lively handles. Thus, seersuckers are the second most popular weaves for jackets and coats.




Fabrics | Plain | Almodo Tailoring, turkey | Réf : ME5491 - CO VERRATTI | 98%CO 2%EL | See more



Fabrics | Suitings | Lanificio Subalpino, Italy | Réf : 253 col 1213 - CO Seersucker| 97% CO 3% EA | See more



Wrinkled aspects and moving surfaces have never been so well sampled in the casual and denim market. Washed, poorly ironed and frothy surfaces are perfect for new parkas and sporty jackets.




Fabrics | Plain | B.O.B. TEXTILE CO., LTD., South Korea | Réf : NYA333-PA LAVENDER - CO NYA333| 93% NY 7% PU | See more



Fabrics | Color-woven| Fabrica Tessuti SRL, Italy | Réf : 31006/24 - CO Relief sateen stripe| 63% LI 37% VI | See more




Surfaces with fine plant-fibre irregularities or slightly creponned surfaces also did very well. These include cotton/linen blends with fresh and light handles that are perfect for small sleeved tops.





Regressive knits

In knitwear, too, there's an urge for movement, especially in fleece fabrics. Ultra-light, creamy, and spongy blends are refreshed with linen or viscose for updated sport apparel... and the divide between sport and citywear is constantly being erased. Ultra-elastic fabrics sometimes feature gummy handles and maximum regressive comfort: you just want to melt right into them.




Fabrics | Knits | A. Sampaio, Portugal | Réf : 65344 - CO mouletton| 50%PA 50%CO | See more





Fabrics | Knits | Joaps Malhas, Portugal | Réf : MAPL200885 - CO Natural | 100%Organic Cotton | See more



Agility and lightness are clearly among the buyers' top requests for 2020 S/S: a season that promises to be resolutely dynamic, optimistic and energetic... get ready, we're in the starting blocks!


To round out your selection, don't forget to check out our article on the best S/S 2020 fabrics and its focus on lightness, as well as the S/S 2020 fashion summary from the Première Vision Paris show in February.









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