S/S 21 UPDATING : Accessories in a masculine/feminine vein

The Updating survey revealed a powerful interest in gender-neutral inspirations for the S/S 21 season. This influence infuses silhouettes top to toe through a broad and seductive offer of unisex...

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24/01/2019 MENSWEAR AW19/20 RUNWAY HIGHLIGHTS: PARIS In Paris, men's fashions are revisiting sportswear and tailoring...     Discover here a selection of Marketplace fabrics following the Men's AW19/20 fashion shows in Paris.   While the autumn/winter 19/20 shows in London and Milan primarily explored eccentricity and fantasy, the Paris fashion shows seem to open the way to a new silhouette: a subtle hybrid of evolved sportswear and the confirmed return of tailoring.           Among the highlights at the latest shows, layering emerged as a new way to approach oversized styles. While oversized and XXL silhouettes borrowed from sportswear remain very present on the catwalks, especially for street-style, the news came from the interplay of layers and styles.   The silhouette is built in successive layerings, accessorized with a giant scarf, where fabrics and motifs are superimposed and come together to compose a new modern silhouette. References are mixed and given a new twist to forge contrasts. Nestled in cocoon-like coats led by down jackets, the menswear silhouette for AW 19/20 is based on comfort and an elegant nonchalance.     Fabrics | Technical Fabrics | Impresa Tessile, Italy | Ref : 4/Heath - Heath 110 - Heath 110 |100% PA | See more     Fabrics | Technical Fabrics |Tex-Luis srl, Italy | Réf : 111310 - 111310 |78%PL,22%PA | See more     Emerging as an iconic component of the new hybrid silhouette between sport and tailoring, the down jacket - another highlight at the shows - goes full-on fantasy. Whether exaggeratedly decorated or featuring layers of printing techniques, fabrics and inlays, any and all bold combinations are allowed. Quilting and weaves rework the traditional codes of uniformity to pop up in diagonal versions or off-course furrows, in evolving heights, and in constructions derived from the fabric structures themselves.     Fabrics | Casual |Tex-Luis srl, Italy | Réf : 110820 - 110820 |100%PL | See more     Fabrics | Technical Fabrics | Alpha fabric.Co.Ltd, South Korea  |Réf : E-587- CO E-587 |100%PL | See more     Fabrics | Technical Fabrics | Paltex Company Ltd, Taiwan |Réf : TLND020 - CO Woven bonded down| 100% Polyester | See more     Another strong message from the Paris shows: the notable return of tailoring. Tailored items become true pieces of equipment to fight the cold thanks to weatherproof fabrics. Functional and durable suitings, adapted to everyday thanks to easy-care and technical fabrics, trace out suits, jackets and coats with a flawless drape.       Fabrics | Technical Fabrics | Yesung Textile, South Korea | Réf : YST3001-4 (2.5L) - CO Stripe Laminating | 100% Polyester | See more     Fabrics | Technical Fabrics | Nikke, Japan | Réf : 10Y802-1- CO Nikke Functional Wool |100% WOOL | See more     The demarcation between city and high-performant textiles is blurring. Among the major pieces, trench-coats borrow suppleness from ready-to-wear; and windbreakers feature shivering, livelier surfaces.       Fabrics | Technical Fabrics | Ft Tex Co, Ltd, South Korea | Réf : KNYT-002SCMCF(NVTT-1) - CO KNYT-002SCMCF(NVTT-1) |100% N | See more     Fabrics | Color-Woven | Hitop & Zentex Co., Ltd, China | Réf : K1595SSA - CO HZ-K1595SSA | Nylon 100% | See more       Sportswear trends also break free of familiar codes - the guiding thread behind the AW19/20 menswear shows - indicating their own coming evolution. Continue reading → Read more
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