The Première Vision Paris salon — set to open its doors from 17 to 19 September in Paris — is where the major Autumn-Winter 20-21 trends will crystallise. Among them, the geometric trend, one of the key themes at Première Vision NY, will continue to hold its ground.


These geometric decorations are in an assertive mood, “moving away from their usual patterns and displaying a strong urge to express themselves through their various facets.”


Discover more about this trend via a selection of products already available to preview on the Première Vision Marketplace platform.



This season hairy textures will also be an essential form of expression, across all mediums. From twisted classics to out-there, wackier styles, creativity abounds.



False Modesty


Bridging sophistication and revisited classics, silks are wholeheartedly embracing their delicate attributes. Adorned with tone-on-tone cut threads, the transparency and Lurex strands of a voile are barely perceivable. Jacquards in ©lurex fil coupés or bright hues offset the season’s more sombre ranges that reveal highly sophisticated combinations among their subtly illuminated fringes.





Fabrics | Color Woven | BZ JACQUARD, Turkey | Réf : 15500-023- CO 15500-023|%85 pes %15 metalıc | See more




Fabrics | Silkies| FCN, France | Réf : 92004- CO Techno| 65% PE/35% Métal | See more




Wild Side


This season fake furs experiment with pile lengths to expertly mimic the pelts of savage beasts. Curly, shaggy or wild, faux-fur fabrics also stand out for their use of colour. Saturated brights and invigorating sombre hues — nods to the AW 20-21 colour range, in particular the Purple Addict shade —play out across these highly tactile fabrics that make you want to reach out and stroke them.





Fabrics | Imitation skins and furs | STEIFF SCHULTE, Germany | Réf : 73456- CO 73456| See more




Fabrics | Imitation skins and furs |Italian Converter, Italy | Réf : 6540F00- CO Fur Feltre| Eco-fur with long hair and soft hand, with a folder of bright colours to the most natural ones| See more




Fabrics | Imitation skins and furs | STEIFF SCHULTE, Germany | Réf : 20257 6431 A0314- CO 20257 6431 A0314 | See more





Quirky Hairies


For AW 20-21, hairies are in a mischievous mood, lending an over-the-top, fun and offbeat note to the season. Fake furs with particularly soft and smooth short piles sport playful motifs evoking animal pelts. Coloured patches in diverse geometric prints ranging from diamond shapes to multicoloured zig-zags conjure a whole fantasy menagerie of wild animal hybrids. (Think part-zebra, part-leopard.)



Fabrics | Imitation skins and furs| CIXI HAITENG PLUSH, China | Réf : 18WJ051- CO Knitted Woolen Fabric| See more



Fabrics | Imitation skins and furs |Nice Gain, China | Réf : G6D0002KTWB5A0(P)- CO Colorful Mongolian |See more



Fabrics | Imitation skins and furs |Ningbo Beiwei Textile Co.,Ltd, China | Réf : greens imitate mink- CO greens imitate mink |See more




Fabrics | Jacquard |Sungshin RNA, China | Réf : Hi-Pile JQD- CO Hi-Pile JQD | 85% Acrylic 15% Polyester  |See more




These bold creative directions point to a palpable mood for uniqueness and creative expression for AW 20-21 to discover at the salon, in which hairies will play a starring role.


Head to the Première Vision Marketplace platform to discover the selection already available online.


Order your pass to discover the other Autumn-Winter 20-21 highlights in person at the salon, running 17 to 19 September in Paris.


The Autumn Winter 20-21 colour range is also available to pre-order online.













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