FAVOURITES: AW 20-21 ACCESSORIES mysterious lacquerings

FAVOURITES: AW 20-21 ACCESSORIES  mysterious lacquerings



The Première Vision Marketplace chose the last edition of the Premiere Vision to launch its  first offer of accessories. This is an opportunity to highlight the know-hows and creativity of the accessories suppliers who have put their trust in the Marketplace and to provide a taste of the key points that were featured at the show last September.


Discover the Marketplace's selection of Accessories inspired by mysterious lacquers: one of the highlights of the last September edition.


A feeling of mystery marked the earliest decoration news unveiled at the Première Vision New York show. A lush and intriguing depiction of nature infused an almost troubling depth to the decorations offer.


A desire for a certain kind of mysticism bordering on esotericism was evoked, which looks to be confirmed in next season's accessories offer as well.




Mysterious lacquer


Accessory surfaces are intentionally textured - and these textures are expressed across a variety of materials. Crackled woods, metals and granité ceramics are enhanced by a slight, almost imperceptible shine. Whether barely iridescent or marked by shot, almost moiré reflections, lacquers subtly hint at each surface's material and texture, accentuating their mystery.


Accessories| Metal or plastic accessories | SPRING '85, Italy | Réf : F19044- CO RAINBOW RIVET| 50% AISI304 50%CUZN | See more



Accessories | Buttons | RAMON SANTAEULÀRIA, Spain | Réf : 84922- CO 84922| 100% Other fibres | See more



Jewels, buttons, zips and other finishing elements are worked in gold and silver metals, but they're aged, even blackened. They also feature volcanic mineral stones with dark yet coloured reflections. These creative proposals have the look of talismans, with entrancing nocturnal landscapes that are slightly mystical or even esoteric.


Accessories | Buttons| LUCA CUCCOLINI, Spain | Réf : LC01182SA-B02- CO IRREGULAR RING BUTTON| 100%POLY | See more



Accessories | Buttons| AYB HISLABOR SL, Spain | Réf : 721001.044.0103 - CO Metal button | 100% Zamak | See more



Dreamy iridescence


Whether poetic or dark and disturbing, the Accessories offer plunges us into dream-like worlds. Along with the range of dark colourways is a palette of pastels that are powdered or ever so slightly infused with a halo of pink light.

Accessories - especially chains, zips, and buttons - are made of more artificial materials, especially plexiglass. They update marbling effects, and feature moirés with crystalline reflections, a slight iridescence, and lacquers with a milky glaze of overlapping pastels.


Accessories | Jewellery components | Del Corto Srl, Spain | Réf : Baroque Pearl - CO Baroque Pearl| 100% Organic Mater.| See more




Accessories | Buttons| FORM BUTTON, Turkey | Réf : SD00017 - CO SHELL BUTTON | %100 NAT | See more



Accessories | Buttons | Fenili Srl, Italie| Réf : 17225 - CO 17225 | 100%MOP | See more



Sandblasted silver, brushed gold, micro-glitter and retro-reflective films will further enhance this dreamlike universe.



Accessories | Buttons | By Michelangelo Nuovi Bottoni srl, Italy | Réf : 19565 - CO BUTTON| 100% Brass | See more



Whether mystical and esoteric, or poetically dreamlike, Autumn-Winter 20-21 accessories seem to want to ground us in a secondary reality imbued with mystery.







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