INNOVATIVE SYNERGY AT THE SHOW : The PackshotCreator studio and the Marketplace teams at the Première Vision Paris show

INNOVATIVE SYNERGY AT THE SHOW : The PackshotCreator studio and the Marketplace teams at the Première Vision Paris show


Now that the Première Vision Paris show has just closed its doors, the Première Vision Marketplace presents the innovative solution it introduced at the show: a tool that allowed show exhibitors to shoot their products live at the show, exclusively and free of charge.





The PackshotCreator studio and the Marketplace teams at the Première Vision Paris show: innovative synergy at the show





Read the joint interview with Gaël Séguillon, Director of the Première Vision Marketplace, and Laurent Wainberg, CEO & Founder, PackshotCreator.


Gaël, where did you get the idea to do live shootings?


The idea came about very naturally. For the past nine months we've had a photo studio in our offices to help exhibitors digitize their catalogues. We thought it would be a powerful motivator to display this system, in full view of all exhibitors at the show, to demonstrate its potential to those of our exhibitors who haven't yet used it. It was also a chance to present this new tool to our visitors, to show them the behind-the-scenes workings, and more precisely how we create the product data that they can view and consult online.





What did the system consist of? And what was its objective?


We set up two PackshotMiniMark II photo studios at one of our three stands, hooked up to two giant screens. Exhibitors who haven't yet opened their online boutiques could come by with their products and have them shot live in our stands. We even offered to come pick up the samples to shoot, and drop them off later at their stands. The main objective was to gather additional products for the platform, and open online shops for exhibitors who hadn't yet done so.


Are you pleased with the results?


We are very pleased with the results. Our target was to open 40 more stores, and we reached that number. We shot more than 200 products over the course of the show.


Laurent, can you tell us more about your company and its products?


We started with a simple idea: to give companies the ability to be their own product photographer. This has been our driving motivation. When we invented the Packshot studio, we didn't know we were going to expand into so many activity sectors, and that our solutions would find such a natural place in companies, between the photocopier and the telephone.


Who are PackshotCreator studios designed for? What are your customers' requirements?


Almost all of our customers are focused on the same goal: increasing their productivity. We addressed this need in three main ways. We designed our systems to be user friendly: developed by photographers, for everyone. Our developers have installed an infinite number of functionalities to assist the operator in placement, adjustment, recording, automation and even creation. The operator is guided without being limited. The equipment's flexibility and the technological capabilities of the studios allow them to evolve, both over time and in terms of skills.


" What's great is that our customers come to our showroom with a project in mind, and after discovering our technology, they leave with several others they want to do! "


Do you propose several kinds of machines and what are their particular features?


Today we have 25 different Packshot studios. The advantage of having a presence in the market for nearly 20 years is that we have had time to study and listen to the needs of each of our customers. This has allowed us to utilise our expertise and offer technologies that are as advanced and diversified as the needs of our clients. For example, last year we launched the PackshotMacro DL, the only automated photo studio for photographing precious stones, with lighting available in two colour temperatures, for perfect colorimetry control. And you know how important colorimetry is when it comes to shooting textiles!


Exactly. Some products, particularly in the textile industry, require a very specific view and lighting to enhance their details as much as possible. Do your studios provide such advanced options?


Absolutely. The hardware/software combination makes it possible to best meet all the demands involved in shooting textiles.

For example, let's take your photo studio: the LED lighting is symmetrical to avoid colour gradations on a flat fabric, but can be oriented to give relief to the textiles, and to the weaves in each fabric. The intensity of each panel and the backlit table can be adjusted from 1 to 100% to create movement in the fabric, so the visitor can see how a material will react to light. Other more advanced features allow the user to save all his light profiles: each textile, each colour, each print can be saved and endlessly reused, without having to readjust the light and camera settings for each shot.



Gaël, the Première Vision Marketplace gives Première Vision exhibitors the opportunity to photograph and promote a part of their collection throughout the year on the Première Vision Marketplace website, a concept made possible thanks to the PackShotCreator studios used in the Marketplace's in-house studio. When did you begin turning to PackshotCreator studios? And why?


When we made the decision to acquire our own equipment, I had a look at the existing solutions in the market. I attended half a dozen machine demonstrations, and the LuminaPad Mini from PackshotCreator seemed to be the one best suited to our needs. Beyond the technological competitiveness of the machine, I was also won over by its software and ease of use. The profile system, which makes it possible to save the light settings and camera configurations, makes it easier to automate the process.

I must add that the Packshot teams really outperformed in the demonstrations and tests we worked on together during our bidding process.


What resources were required to integrate and implement the system in your studio?


We turned a space in our Paris offices into a photo studio, set up a processing system to handle sample demand and reception, the shooting and automated saving of the photos. We also created a dedicated team with a stylist and an assistant. Thanks to how easy it is to use the light table, and the support of the PackshotCreator instructor for two full days, we were able to train our teams and pre-configure our own set-up.

We simply called on a photography service for the final installation. The Utopix company really helped us in setting up the initial configuration.


What feedback have you gotten from your customers concerning the visuals you shoot?


Our customers are totally satisfied with the quality of the photos.



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To learn more about the company PackshotCreator, the leader in product photography,  see their website and a video about the studio LuminaPad+ Mark II.






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