Early indications from the PVNY show suggest a hint of mystery shadowing decorations for the Autumn-Winter 20-21 season.


A cross between reverie and reality refreshes floral motifs, with a lush and slightly disturbing view of nature featuring a range of pigmented and ambiguous darks.


And the palette of dark shades also seems to be confirmed for leathers.


On the cusp of the opening of the Première Vision Paris show, discover the Marketplace's sneak preview of a selection of leather favorites heralding one of the major creative highlights for AW 20-21.



Recoloured classics



A range of pigmented and ambiguous darks modernizes the most classic leathers and furs. Leathers with smooth and well-rounded classic grains or ultra-fine and stretchy soft leathers are available in a deep and intense palette.


The purple close to the Purple Addict shade from Première Vision's AW 20-21 colour range lends depth and intensity to Soydan's ultra-smooth, stretch, dipped-lamb nappa leather.


When used on furs, such as the double-sided short-haired lamb from Ensari Deri Kurk, dark greens lend a beautiful, almost textile glow by accentuating the moiré aspect of the fur.




Leather | Full grain leather | Soydan A.S., Turkey| Ref : Plongé Strech Nappa - Plongé Strech Nappa |100% leather | See more




Leather | Fur | ENSARI DERI KURK, Turkey | Ref : E-13054 - DDD/GREEN TT |100% lamb | See more





A colour range particularly magnified by patina, varnish and waxed effects that intensify colour and sublimate materials.


Faeda's fluid and syrupy patent leather is played in a deep burgundy that evokes the roundness and nobility of a tannic wine.




Leather | Full grain leather | Faeda, Italy| Ref : NAPPALAK PELL - NAPPALAK PELL - |100% leather | See more

At Sakamoto Corporation, a shiny lacquer is applied to the top of the grain. This creates a subtle contrast between the raw material with its thick and irregular grain, and the glossy looking lacquer, which doesn't hide the grain but instead sublimates it.



Leather | Full grain leather | SAKAMOTO CORPORATION, Japan| Ref : KWM-JG - Himeji Kurozan KIWAMI - |100% leather | See more


Patina effects add relief to skins - imbuing them with the characteristics of living surfaces and delicate handles. A perfect example is this pull-up effect on a leather from the Overgroup tanneries. Here, a night blue with waxy interplays creates an almost nocturnal depth poised between mystery and fantasy.



Leather | Full grain leather | Conceria Onda Verde, Italy| Ref : Ghiaccio - Ghiaccio - |100% leather | See more



Mysterious exotics


The scales of exotic leathers will contrast and enhance this range of mysterious darks. At France Croco, layers of different colours, patinated by hand or sometimes with a stamp, mark and accentuate the creases of the scales in a luxurious crocodile leather. A patina that recalls the luxury of a mahogany wood in a beautifully crafted piece of furniture.




Leather | Exotic leather | France Croco, France| Ref : 601946 - Millenium Crocogel - |100% leather | See more

At Overgroup, a leather with a lizard-grain look catches the light and gives depth to dark and luminous shades to create subtle plays on lightness and darkness.




Leather | Full grain leather | Conceria Onda Verde, Italy| Ref : Mexico Argento Duke - Conceria Onda Verde - Mexico Argento Duke - |100% leather | See more


Patinas, exotic leathers crafted and patinated by hand, contrasts between raw materials and subtle lacquering - all these chiaroscuro and matt/shine effects with their mysterious, slightly troubling charm will infuse new life into the skins of winter 20-21.


A little taste of the leather outlook for Autumn-Winter 20-21, awaiting confirmation at the Première Vision show from 17 to 19 September in Paris.





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