SPRING/SUMMER 20 LEATHER HIGHLIGHT:                                                                        Subtle shine


The Première Vision Leather show has closed its doors. To mark the occasion, the Marketplace Premiere Vision team treats you, in exclusivity, to its particularly favourite leather directions for the coming season.

The search for a matchless feel and fantasy drive the innovations proposed this season by leather suppliers. And for S/S 2020, it's especially in the area of shine that we find fantasy at its most surprising. A shine that becomes subtler, more discreet.



Plays on appearances


New creative explorations emerge. Innovative techniques, particularly random plays on light, disrupt leather's appearance. From holographic films in shot colours to lacquered finishings with a mirroring effect... no matter the artifice, what's important is playing on and twisting reality. Reflections thus skilfully blend colours with golden, silvery and coppery nuances.  Matt and shiny aspects are combined for a new subtleness that lends a modern look to these rainbow hues. These same nuances can be found in crackled or wrinkled aspects, and in materials that grow lighter and lighter, almost like tracing-papers. A slightly playful and poetic side sure to please millennials and more.



Leather | Full grain leather | Pronto Pelli, Italy | Ref : IRIDESCENTE BICOLOR - IRIDESCENTE BICOLOR - |100% leather | See more




Leather | Full grain leather | Conceria Montebello, Italy | Ref : NLI - NEW LOOK IRISEE -  |100% leather | See more



Evanescent iridescence



An opaline subtlety expressed particularly on surfaces, to dress them in a light iridescence. Leathers featuring perfect skins whose grains are accented by delicate pearlised, patinated and lacquered techniques for a glowy, barely iridescent effect. A direction closely aligned with the 'No Make Up' trend, for radiantly luminous leathers that know how to catch the light naturally.




Leather | Full grain leather | Conceria Stella, Italy | Ref : PIUMA - PIUMA -  |100% leather | See more



Leather | Full grain leather | Propeaux, France| Ref : 003 - BEVERLY GLOSS -  |100% leather | See more




Chimerical natures



An iridescence that sometimes approaches biomimicry. Crackled effects take on an organic mimicry marvellously imitating dried land, as if crackled by sunlight and illuminated by running water.



Leather | Full grain leather | Conceria Stella, Italy| Ref : ETNA - ETNA -  |100% leather | See more



Leather | Full grain leather | Conceria Stella, Italy| Ref : METAL LINE- METAL LINE -  |100% leather | See more



And on this land, animals with fish scales and exotic reptiles enhanced with an iridescent pearliness merge to create the carapaces of mythical animals. Animals ready to adapt to any and all elements, including the depthless abyss of the ocean. Aquatic grounds to plunge into, thanks in particular to cold pastel colour schemes.




Leather | Flesh split | Propeaux, France| Ref : 006 - CRISTAL -  |100% leather | See more



Leather | Exotic leather| Federico Albarello, Italy| Ref : PELSERGOBXVCS BLLAIDL - GOLD SNAKE DYED SKIN -  |100% snake | See more




Pythons laminated with an iridescent, golden or silvery film lend a mermaid look, while skins that have been embossed then varnished evoke sea dragons of another time. Skins with a remarkable suppleness or fineness, lacquered, as if dipped quickly into water, with an elusive look.




Leather | Full grain leather | Alexander Vistmann, Italy| Ref : CLAIRE CROCO - CLAIRE CROCO -  |100% Calf leather | See more




Leather | Exotic leather| Af di Albarello Ferdinando, Italy| Ref : RADLAMCAN - ELAPHE RADIATA F/C LAMINATA CANGIANTE -  |100% snake skin | See more




Infused with poetry and myth, subtle shine stands out with certainty as one of the key trends of the S/S 2020 leather collections.

Adorned in these ever so slightly futuristic carapaces, let's dive into this new and most inspiring season.



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