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Interview with Carlotta Canepa, Head of Communications Coordination at Canepa Spa.


The Marketplace Team took advantage of the last edition of Blossom Première Vision to give the floor to Canepa Spa. The Italian company, which has both a fabric and clothing division, has been recognised for over 50 years for its reliability and quality. It produces fabrics made from silk as well as natural fibres such as cashmere, wool, cotton, linen and hemp for the high-end market. Designers and manufacturers can count on a production capacity that combines efficient controlled procedures and the ability to develop creative inputs on demand in a very short time.


"Excellence in fabrics is our hallmark." Carlotta Canepa

 Carlotta Canepa:

Head of Communications Coordination  at Canepa Spa.


Here, an inspiring interview with Carlotta Canepa, artistic director of her own Carlotta Canepa brand and Head of Communications Coordination at Canepa Spa.


What are the specific characteristics of your company and its products? What are its commitments and values?


The company founded by my family in 1966 has been committed to sustainable development for over 10 years, using GOTS-certified regenerated yarns, eliminating toxic substances, including micro plastics that pollute the oceans and the entire marine ecosystem, while conserving water and energy. And my namesake ready-to-wear brand, which was launched five seasons ago, has been marked from the beginning by the excellence of its fabrics, 'Made in Italy' finishings, and a green approach.


What made you choose this career? 


I grew up surrounded by precious silks and the historic archives of our family business, Canepa Spa., which specialises in processing fine yarns, and which produces top-of-the-range fabrics for the most renowned Italian and international fashion houses. Early on I learned to put to use an ability to recognize the value of a fabric, combined with a natural ability to harmonize well-defined lines by giving them energy, an elegant vitality. This was also a decisive factor in creating my own brand, which is an ideal combination of a youthful style and the expertise of Italian craftsmanship.




What stimulates your creativity?


I love all kinds of art - in fact my collections are very inspired by Sonia Delaunay. So I never miss an art opening or a major event like Artissima, Art Basel or the Venice Biennale. They're my sustenance, my source of inspiration. They help me broaden my horizons and spur my creativity.


Can you give us an idea of the inspiration behind the  summer 2020 Canepa Spa collection?


Floral and geometric prints and semi-plains will feature in the new SS 2020 collection at Canepa. Pastels will be mixed in with deeper and more energetic tones for an innovative and romantic perspective. The spring collection will also feature black and white opticals and geometrics inspired by the floral universe, and brocades in romantic colour ranges. For summer, tones become more intense, motifs more abstract and shapes more irregular.




Canepa Collection S/S2020



Why did you choose to exhibit at Blossom Première Vision and put your trust in the Marketplace?


I think Blossom is the most exclusive event of luxury fashion brands. So having a space here is a real source of pride for our company. The Marketplace is an innovative project that's perfectly in sync with our own thinking at Canepa. Ongoing research and experimentation into different kinds of fibres allows Canepa to explore novel solutions with innovative style effects and a sensory approach connected to the fabric itself.


Any advice for young designers about to go out on their own?


You've got to find your own style, but I do want to launch an appeal to anyone wanting to found a fashion brand to respect the planet and create green collections. We can no longer think of producing wonderful clothes that damage the Earth and its inhabitants. This is one of the very strong commitments of Canepa Spa., especially with the SAVEtheWATER® Kitotex® project. Canepa was also the first global textile company to support the Greenpeace Detox campaign.

“ There is no planet-B.”

Carlotta Canepa


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For over 50 years, Canepa has been a designer of fabric style. The company originated as a producer of silk fabric, and became number one in its field in the world market. Canepa was founded in 1966, but its roots in the silk industry date back to 1930, when the Canepa family entered into the Serica Lombarda company. The Group, headed up by Elisabetta Canepa, is fully controlled by the Canepa and Saibene family. Sales in 2015 totalled more than 107 million euros with an EBITDA of 11%. Canepa is present throughout the world and has a consolidated business relationship with major international retail, sportswear and luxury brands. The group, which has nearly 800 employees, 25% of whom are creative technicians, has an annual production of approximately 3 million linear metres of jacquard fabric, both plain and printed (traditional printing and inkjet), produced on over 160 looms, and guarantees superior quality thanks to its cutting-edge technology.