The Première Vision Paris show closed its doors on 19 September. Now is an opportunity to review the show's highlights, and discover them right away on the Première Vision Marketplace.


Among the many decorations on display, a marbling spirit was one of the most directional creative avenues.


Mineral, bewitching or worked in pigmented abstract designs, marbling this season gets a fresh new look, summoning a strange and poetic natural world well-grounded in the leading directions exhibitors presented at the show.


Polished minerals



Inspired by the marbled papers used to fashion antique book covers, marbling designs this season are printed on silks in water-coloured, wintry-pastel harmonies. Infused with pink, they imitate marbling and other rock motifs, conveying a poetic and diffuse minerality that is heightened by their silky grounds.





Fabrics | Prints | Confetti Fabrics, Turkey | Réf : 53252-D/7 - CO Spinoza | 100% Polyester | See more




Fabrics | Prints | LEV Textiles, Italy | Réf : L7069 002 - CO Davin 50017| 100% PL | See more


Winter sea




Another marbling direction to discover is more faithful to Suminagashi, the ancestor of modern marbling. In this ancient Japanese painting technique, the paint floats on the surface of water, creating a very diffuse effect. The artist uses his breath and various tools - combs, needles and eye-droppers - to fashion the motifs. When elaborated on jacquards or textured fabrics, in darker shades or black and white, this kind of marbling decoration evokes the meanderings of a turbulent winter sea.






Fabrics | Jacquard | Henry Bertrand, United Kingdom | Réf : BOJJAC189 - CO Bojana Jacquard| 36% VI 36% PL 28% SE

| See more





Fabrics | Silkies | Erica industria tessile Spa, Italy | Réf : 102378 - CO DALMAZIA| 66% PA30%EA4% | See more




Fabrics | Jacquard | Clerici Tessuto & C. SpA| Réf : 24200 - CO PANNELLO JACQUARD| 81%PES 19%SE | See more



Recoloured composite




This is another deeply colourful and creative graphic direction, expressed on a variety of grounds. Here, a jacquard is given a new twist with a tone-on-tone marbling motif worked in a fluorescent colour range. In other instances, blends of nude shades are given an offbeat look through lively accents - such as re-coloured composites in accessories, or a quite colourful motif printed on a textured leather that accentuates the optical effect.





Leather | Exotic leather | Kotai Tannery, Taïwan | Réf : KARNIVAL - CO KARNIVAL | Pigskin | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | Piero Galli, Italy | Réf : 10391/HC - CO MOIRE | 93%PL 4% PM 3%PA | See more



Accessories | Jewellery components | VALTER SRL, Italy | Réf : P 171 22X13 FTL B - CO P 171 22X13 FTL B | PMMA

| See more




Marbling, a leading decoration focus at last September's edition, found new creative expression this season by drawing on novel colourways and supports. Alternatingly conveying a strange natural world, or a colourful amalgamated composite, marbling blurs its tracks, pointing to an autumn-winter 20-21 season marked by a desire to stand out.


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