Directional Favourites at Première Vision New York: sophisticated naturalness



The Première Vision NY show will open its doors next 21 and 22 January in New York.


To mark the opening of the show, the Marketplace is providing a first preview and decoding of the main creative directions to be presented, through an exclusive selection of products.


The New York show reveals exhibitors' desire for a timely implementation of their eco-responsible approaches, confirming a resolute shift towards eco-friendly fashion for the spring-summer 21 season.


Far from just a trend, the search for responsibility is increasingly emerging as a source of creativity, innovation and strong, visual identities. This is notably conveyed by a creative stance focused on the beauty and diversity of nature.


Already emerging in the AW 20-21 season, nature for next spring-summer continues to serve as a multifaceted source of inspiration, evincing a more sophisticated elegance.



Natural and sophisticated materials


The New York show highlights the growing use of 100% natural fibres or blends of natural fibres, freshly updated by surprising handles that steer us in a more sophisticated direction.


Cotton-linen blends are thus moving away from a rustic look as they take on very elegant silky aspects or feels. The cool wool from Bob Textile offers a surprisingly dry handle, while the coated linen-cotton blend from Kimtek reveals a silky handle behind its rustic appearance. The 100% hemp from Pastel By Yilmazipek has a captivating suppleness and softness.




Fabrics | Suitings | B.O.B. TEXTILE, South Korea | Réf : WWA015KN_20311M - WWA015KN_20311M| 100%WO | See more




Fabrics | Suitings | KIMTEKS, Turkey | Réf : 13781 - 13781 | 30%Lin 70%Co | See more




Fabrics | Plain | MF YILMAZIPEK, Turkey | Réf : SARNIA A1 - SARNIA A1  | 100%CV | See more







Responsible artificial fibres



Naturalness is also expressed thanks to a new generation of artificial fibres that are increasingly boasting the traceability performance-code. Organically-sourced viscose and Cupro are obtained from certifiable wood sources - which are sustainably managed - and plant-based materials.


Almodo and Sönmez both offer Ecovero certified viscose, in two different interpretations: a rustic look at Almodo, and a soft and draping aspect at Sönmez. A similar softness can also be found in the Lyocell and recycled polyester blend from Bims.




Fabrics | Suitings | ALMODO ALTUNLAR TEKSTIL, Thailand | Réf : K6535- Co : ECOVERO SORANO | Not specified | See more



Fabrics | Plain | SONMEZ ASF, Turkey | Réf : ASF631 - Co : 0011532 | 100%VIS ECOVERO | See more



Fabrics | Silkies | BIMS TEKSTIL, Italy | Réf : 4416_RYC - LIZBON_RYC | 62%CLY 38%RC PES | See more



Elegant, plant-inspired decoration



As an extension of winter 20-21, nature also finds expression in decorations. However, while winter 20-21's decorative design proposals revealed a strange, bewitching nature,  S/S21 decorations are more illustrative, veered towards a more sophisticated nature.


Sprintex presents a leafy design worked in the form of large flat tints with a certain graphic simplicity, where added refinement is provided by a balanced palette and a silky fabric base. KBC plays on the delicacy of an impressionistic landscape using a range of pastels to depict a more romanticised view of nature.


Bischoff pays homage to nature through a micro-floral guipure that evokes the delicacy of lichen or plant moss, for an almost organic interpretation. This guipure also boasts a responsible finish and the traceability performance-code.

The fabric from Hana Textile features delicate leafy micro-motifs, enhanced with natural stretch properties.


Fabrics | Prints | SPRINTEX, France| Réf : 33144 - ELEGANCE INKJET PRINT | 100%PES | See more




Fabrics | Prints | KBC FASHION, Germany| Réf : JUSTIN - JUSTIN | 100%CO | See more



Fabrics | Lace | BISCHOFF, Thaïland | Réf : 325391 - 325391 | Not specified | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | HANA TEXTILE, Germany| Réf : HN 2943 Q15 - HN 2943 Q15 | 100% Polyester | See more




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