Directional Favourites at Première Vision New York: dazzling shine


For its upcoming edition this 21 and 22 January, the Première Vision New York show is opting for a new positioning focused on creativity, eco-responsibility and innovation.


To mark the opening of the show, the Marketplace is providing a first preview and decoding of the main creative directions presented at the show, through an exclusive selection of products.


A first creative orientation saw nature taking centre stage in the S/S 21 trends. Here, a more sophisticated nature imbued with elegance revealed itself in the selection of fabrics to discover on the Marketplace.


For, while the serious issue of eco-responsibility remains fundamental to creative products for the spring summer to come, a certain lightheartedness is also present. This is seen in a desire for light sparkle rather than showiness, because here again, nothing is flashy: elegance and sophistication remain key.



Subtly shot


Beneath an outward simplicity, fabrics are sheathed in precious surfaces revealed by the slightest movement. Shot with pearlised glints, sprinkled with a dust of glitter, or woven through with extremely fine metal yarns, fabrics shine in monochrome or mid-tone versions. Uni Textile is proposing a cupro-polyamide blend whose shot quality only comes to light when in motion. At Sophie Hallette, traditional Chantilly lace with a floral design shimmers with barely perceptible glints. Like fine soap bubbles, fine translucent sequins dot the lace, ready to disappear and reappear with the slightest movement.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | UNI TEXTILE, China | Réf : KKF1728-W - KKF1728-W| 68% C 32% NY | See more



Fabrics | Lace | DENTELLE SOPHIE HALLETTE, France | Réf : PRA4016-02-090 - PRA4016-02-090 | 60%POLYAMIDE/NYLON 17%VISCOSE 12% POLYESTER 11% ACRYLIC | See more



Shine also takes its place in decorations, and playfully alters, blurs or accentuates motifs. At Alpha Fabric, metallic threads added in certain areas of the floral motif create a light veil of shine, evoking a gently evaporating, soft morning dew.

In terms of exceptional silks, monochrome iridescence and filtered lamés create subtle plays of light. Floral or ornamental jacquards catch the light for a more cocktail, but always highly refined spirit.




Fabrics | Prints | ALPHA FABRIC, South Korea | Réf : 20609 - DTP GLORIA | 100%PE | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | BZ JAKARLI DOKUMA, Turkey | Réf :54037-002/F_002 - 54037-002/F*002| 89% pes 11% MTLC | See more









This season, the concept of fluidity is evolving, featuring not just a liquid or runny aspect but also more compact constructions that evolve with movement. This is particularly the case for the knits at Visionland or Dilek Tekstil and their acetate, polyester blends, occasionally with just a hint of Lurex, that have a surprisingly subtle shine.




Fabrics | Plain | VISIONLAND, South Korea | Réf : V7729 - V7729| 70% MD 27% PES 3% EA | See more



Fabrics | Knits | DILEK TEKSTIL, Turkey | Réf : K-5087 - K-5087 | 68% ASETAT 32% FLOS | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | A GRATACOS SAU, Spain | Réf : s/815098001 - s/815098001 | 100% PL | See more




Futuristic techniques




Scintillating and subtle, shine is a true transversal highlight for Spring/Summer 21, found in all sectors, including Sport & Tech. Confirming the new hybrid approach to innovation, fashion and eco-responsibility, Sport & Tech fabrics feature multiple cutting-edge directions embedded in the heart of fibres to create room for fantasy. The fabrics on offer also reflect this interest in illuminated effects, with light-catching effects, shot gleams, oil-slick and futuristic surfaces...

At Ludia, for example, a technical nylon evokes the shimmer of butterfly wings changing with the light.



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | LUDIA, South Korea | Réf : LUW_19_000350 - LUW_19_000350 | 50%POLY 50% PU | See more



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