SPORT & TECH S/S21 HIGHLIGHTS: genre-bending fabrics

SPORT & TECH S/S21 HIGHLIGHTS: genre-bending fabrics


The S/S21 season points to a Sport & Tech season marked by a fusion of different styles. With the rise in e-bikes and other new ways of getting around the city, a quest for Tech performance is powering all segments, including city and casual wardrobes. Meantime, a decided elegance is slipping into Tech fabrics, injecting a new creative energy, constantly underpinned by eco-responsibility.




Active tailoring



After several seasons spent flying the banner for sportswear and refashioning its codes, designers are now focusing their attention on the many facets of tailoring. To meet designers' new needs, especially in terms of performance, this season's exhibitors are showcasing genre-bending fabrics at the crossroads of city and sports.


New fabric developments featuring special technical properties perfectly emulate a shirting spirit. Colour wovens made from extra-fine cotton yarns and structured in multi-layers are surprisingly neat while also being waterproof and breathable. Polyester/polyamide blends with cotton seersucker-style handles worked in vertical stripes successfully combine multiple properties: windproof, easy care, chlorine resistance. Recycled versions are traceable as well.


To round off the offer, nylons with smooth and satiny surfaces provide a chic look, ideal for tailored jackets, coats and bottoms, while simultaneously boasting a range of performance codes.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | NT MAJOCCHI, Italy | Réf : SAVILLE_ - CO SAVILLE_| 100%COTTON | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | TAIANA, Italy | Réf : Ionio_ - CO Ionio_ | 82%PL 15%PA 3%EA | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | LEMAR, Portugal | Réf : RISCA/1522_- CO RISCA/1522_ | 69% PA 25%PES 6%LY | See more




Elegance with high-performance



Breaking with its traditional codes, Sport & Tech gets a fresh rethink - and moves towards more sophistication. Bases are moving towards more fluidity. Naturally stretch polyesters, with a flowing feel and quick-drying properties, are gaining ground in wovens. In knits, bi-stretch polyamide jerseys provide elasticity for maximum comfort while offering natural dyes and waterless and recycled fibres.



Elegance also emerges in high-performance satin wovens. Mono-stretch polyesters combine water-repellent, anti-UV and traceable properties. Their drape, satin shine and dynamic chromatic palette cross an 80's look with a vintage twist and futuristic innovation.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | LIVINAX BY ITOCHU, Japan | Réf : LVX-1089_- CO LVX-1089_ | 100%PE | See more





Fabrics | Technical fabrics | TINTEX TEXTILES SA, Portugal | Réf : 5202ND02_- CO 5202ND02_| 84%PA 16%EA | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | MONOTEX - SHINHEUNG CORPORATION, South Korea | Réf : SQ-924SP_- CO SQ-924SP_ | 100%PES | See more




Responsible and technical materials




Eco-responsibility has become a major and transversal theme. As a pioneer in the field, the Sport & Tech sector continues to break innovative ground by pursuing the development of new natural, recycled or biopolymer materials. The use of so-called natural materials - cotton, wool - is thus clearly increasing. Whether worked in multi-layers or with new finishes, they offer the same properties as more conventional technical materials.



Raw cotton-elastane denims with a thermosensitive finish and printed cottons with an authentic look designed to be waterproof, windproof and breathable are all furthering the rapid evolution of outdoor wear.





Fabrics | Technical fabrics | NT MAJOCCHI, Italy | Réf : CHIAVARI_- CO CHIAVARI_ | 98%CO 2%EA | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | SCHOELLER TEXTIL, Switzerland | Réf : 4673_- CO 91713 | 55% PES 29%WO 15%PU 1%EL | See more



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | NT MAJOCCHI, Italy | Réf : ORIGINAL_- CO ORIGINAL_ | 65%POLY 35%CO | See more




The Sport & Tech sector is broadening its potential for the S/S21 season, blending genres for ever more powerful and creative proposals  - with eco-responsibility as a constant common denominator.



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