A turning point in colour



The Updating survey canvassed select international buyers in October-November 2019 to highlight the indispensable products to inject now into your Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 collections. It also provides a glimpse of the colours buyers are looking at for the coming season.


The survey tells us a warm, generous and disparate colour range that is at a turning point.


The success of the range is first and foremost a sign of buyers' deep desire for elegance and refinement, especially as indicated by a colour duo suggested in the Première Vision AW 20-21 range: emerald potion*No. 17 and the pinkish beige prosthesis* No. 3.





Leather | Fur | EMELDA FUR TANNERY, Spain | Réf : RASSADO - RASSADO | Sheep | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | INFINITY Srl, Italy | Réf : SAFE AIR31 - SAFE AIR31 | 65%CU 35%SE | See more




The dark green and pinkish beige confirm the range's avowedly disparate approach, particularly with regard to the selection of cool colours such as green for the Autumn-Winter season. In this direction, it is also worth noting that classic navy blue is only in 4th place, while, in contrast, other atypical classics are emerging such as bronze age* N°19, deep shamanic blue* N°22 and the muted burgundy lip brick* N°9.




Leather | Full grain leather | TMM, Spain | Réf : Vachetta - Vachetta | Bull | See more




Fabrics | Woollens | Samuel Tweed Fabrics, United Kingdom | Réf : 1900 F1419 - 1900 Plain Fabric | 64% Mohair 31% Wool 5% Nylon | See more



Leather | Nubuck | Azais & cie, France | Réf : NS2019 - Crispé Nubuck Saphir | Lamb | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Jrc Reflex, France | Réf : 1PU140BOBC - PU EARTHLY EMOTION | 72% BACKING 19% GLASS BEADS 9% BONDING RESIN | See more



These choices are a confirmation of deep, pigmented colourways that invite calmness and fullness, energized by vibrant accents such as purple addict*, jaundiced smile* and fiery ego* in flashy pops of colour. A range that will also be lightened by the presence of ashy hues.




Fabrics | Lace | NOYON DENTELLE - DARQUER, France | Réf : D5400324 - D5400324 | PA VI PES | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | TAKISADA-NAGOYA, Japan | Réf : 31-54553 - ANTIQUE DOBBY| 100%POLYESTER | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | BATMAZ TEKSTIL, Turkey | Réf : 54294 - AMARI | 86%PES 14%EL | See more



Overall, the selection is rather coherent and balanced.


Take a new look at all the fabrics and leathers in line with these winning trends here on our Marketplace and discover the entire Updating survey on the magazine.





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