UPDATING S/S 2020: a dressy vibe

UPDATING S/S 2020: a dressy vibe



Première Vision's recent Updating survey brought into focus the leading trends for Spring-Summer 2020. 


The Athleisure trend, underway for a few seasons already, continues, and now moves to a more pared-down and holistic approach. Casual wear is given a refresh, emerging in a more elegant version and concentrating on supple and fluid materials such as viscose or softened linen blends.


Yet at the same time we also see the emergence of a dressy trend. Although this direction is more segmented, it is nevertheless clearly identifiable as one of the coming season's leading trends in the Updating survey.


Here, a selection of fabrics and leathers to update your SS 2020 collection in line with the dressy trend.



A trend marked by bold, fully assumed creative choices



This trend is addressed to a strong and committed woman who dares high-impact colours such as the flamboyant brights - *red and *howling orange - which proved particularly popular in the colour survey for the coming season. Among the trend's key silhouettes: fluid viscose pants with a full-bodied fall paired with a draped top in a sheathing stretch knit - two fabrics that rank amongst the key textiles in the survey.




Fabrics | Plain| MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Japan | Réf : S98003LRM - CO JERSEY FANTASIA | 60% TA 40% PE | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | VENTEX, South Korea| Réf : ICK 73393 P TG - CO ICK 73393 P TG | 85% NY 15% SP | See more



Fabrics |  Plain | SONMEZ ASF IPLIK DOKUMA, Turkey | Réf : 14 ASF 092-48-Z/23362 - CO 14 ASF 092-48-Z/23362| 100 % VISCOSE | See more



Plays on draping and knotting



The dressy trend markedly re-appropriates its familiar codes. Yet while silhouettes tend to be slender and body skimming - as for example in a long draped dress - comfort is emphasised thanks to supple, flowing materials.



Fabrics | Knits | LUXURY JERSEY, Italy | Réf : PDL 0017 - CO PDL 0017 | 67%Pl 33% EA | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | TEXTLOVER, Italy| Réf :PDL 0017 - CO PDL 0017| 67%Pl 33% EA | See more


Ideal fabrics for playing with drapes, knotting and asymmetry.


A silhouette which will be offset by updated evening accessories, like a micro bag in a richly coloured smooth leather...



Leather | Full grain leather |TANNERIES PECHDO, France| Réf :eXpert visibility

- CO eXpert visibility| Lamb | See more




or barely iridescent 90's-style heel-strap pumps, reflecting a move to more subtle and evanescent shine.



Leather | Full grain leather | PELLICAN SRL, Italy | Réf : 0004SLL - CO NAPPA STRETCH LIGHT LUX | lamb | See more




Graphic and structured dressy looks



Along with this strikingly flowing and fluid silhouette, we also see the emergence of a more structured and graphic dressy approach. Here, the silhouette proudly embraces a head-to-toe look in strong, full colours, as in the new jacket-pant suits, one of the key outfits for the upcoming season. Cuts here tend to be sharpened, as in a long blazer with pronounced shoulders worn with straight pants or, for the truly daring, biker shorts.



Fabrics | Suitings | DERHAN, Turkey | Réf : 17789 - CO 17789| 62%COT 34%PA 4%EA

| See more



Fabrics | Silkies | TESEO, Italy | Réf : Art.6332 - purple - CO Crepe de Chine GOTS |100% SE | See more



These pieces can be worn with a delicate lingerie top in silk satin to play on lightness, a fluid draped top in silk jersey, or a transparent lace top played like a delicate see-through layer.



Fabrics | Silkies | TESEO, Italy | Réf : Art.1178 - CO Satin 1178 |100% SE | See more



Fabrics | Knits | GUIGOU, France | Réf : 2945I - CO Jersey Delphes |100% SE | See more



Fabrics | Lace| LILA LACE, Japan| Réf : R-7567B - CO R-7567B| 65% CO 35% PE | See more




Bright colour combinations ideal for monochrome or colorblocked looks, to offset with chic accessories in rich full colour. Here, for example, we can envision pumps with chunky cubic heels in matt leather.





Leather | Nubuck| Vesta Corporation, Italy | Réf : HUSKY NUBUK - CO HUSKY NUBUK| cow | See more



A dressy direction is clearly shaping up as a key emerging trend. This direction will also be interesting to test over the next autumn winter season, to assess the seasonal impact of this offer.


Find more of the Marketplace's product selections in the SS 2020 Updating article dedicated to colours and prints.






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