Updating S/S20: colours

Updating S/S20: colours



The SS 2020 Première Vision colour range and the runway looks from the latest women's collections all pointed to a powerful appetite for freshness and cheer!


And this information has now been confirmed - the SS 2020 season is without question going to be joyful, bursting with energy, and subtle!


Check out our product selection for colour highlights derived from the SS 2020 Updating surveyanalysed and summarised by Première Vision Paris.



The 5 colour favourites



The already well-established bright-flamboyant shades remain popular in the survey, and have even become one the season's 5 main colour preferences.



Heading up these bright-flamboyant tones, we find mechanical sun*, followed by howling orange*, watery lawn*and, finally, just red* and explosive pink* 




Fabrics | Knits | Tintex Textiles, Portugal | Réf : 5284 - CO JERSEY FANTASIA | 60%ORG CO + 40%REC PES | See more



Fabrics | Suitings | DERHAN TEKSTIL, Turkey| Réf : 20475 - CO 20475| 92%PES 8%EA | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Jrc Reflex France | Réf : TIS145ELASPG - CO FABRIC STRETCH WATERY LAWN | 56%FABRIC 32% GLASS BEADS 12% BONDING RESIN | See more



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | EMMETEX, Italy | Réf : FRUIT MEM - CO FRUIT MEM | 100% PL + PU COATING | See more


Leather | Full grain leather | Inter Leather, Spain| Réf : Anil Calf - CO Anil Calf | 100% cow | See more




New colour combinations


"Bright tone + neutral" combinations remain a sure bet, and the season continues to be marked by the importance of monochromes and colorblocking.


Strong and clear-cut colour preferences, expressed through bold combinations.


Finely crafted full grain leathers - with, for example, embossings and perforations - to give a quirky spin to a women's city bag. Or natural and cellulosic blends for supple shirt dresses- one of the staple shapes for SS 2020.




Leather | Full grain leather | Tannerie Haas, France | Réf : HAAS-GRAINE - CO MONTREAL | Leather | See more



Fabrics | Plain | Marini Industrie, Italie | Réf : 3682ORG - CO 3682ORG | 62%LI 36%VI 2%EA | See more



Or equally bold monochromes, to work in total-look versions. Here, we're thinking in terms of a long, lean silhouette. A draped dress in a supple, fluid, almost runny knit-  one of the key fabrics for the next season.



A nonchalant silhouette to offset with chic accessories - urban banana bags or shoes with large cubic heels - in matt calfskin, and in the same shade.




Fabrics | Knits| Ekoten Fabrics, Turkey | Réf : 91278J - CO Ottoman | 80%CUP 18%PES 2%EA | See more




Leather | Full grain leather | Conceria Adige, Italy | Réf : 5028 - CO 5028 | Half hide | See more




Another striking direction: outer layers in bright hues rather than light or dark colours. Colours perfect for ultra-light semi-transparent knits, to use for mid-summer tops or ultra smooth Nappa leathers, where colour can fully express itself.





Fabrics | Knits | TINTEX TEXTILES, Portugal | Réf : 5282 - CO 5282 | 80% CLY 10% SE 10% WS | See more




Leather | Full grain leather | CETINKAYA KÜRK DERI KONF. TARIM, turkey | Réf : FLUORESCENT NAPPA - CO FLUORESCENT NAPPA | 100% Leather | See more




The season's 5 must-have colours


While we've definitely gotten used to assuming colour over the past few seasons, this time around it's the "must-have" shades - usually tending to the more classic -  that are really surprising. Right on the heels of earthly emotion*,the artificial-looking tones watery lawn*and howling orange*register amazing and truly stimulating scores!

This trio lends nuance and subtlety to the flamboyant colourways evoked previously.

A colourful and vitamin-boosted season, in line with the last few seasons, which will be balanced out by natural and timeless neutrals.

Discover here the 5 must-have colours of the SS 2020 season in our featured selection of products.




Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Jrc Reflex, France | Réf : 1PU140BOBC - CO PU EARTHLY EMOTION | 72% BACKING 19% GLASS BEADS 9% BONDING RESIN | See more



Fabrics | Plain | Borgo Tessuti, Italy | Réf : Heritage 6 - CO Carole| 100% Linen | See more




Fabrics | Plain | MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Japan | Réf : S98003LRM - CO TA STRETCH GEORGETTE | 60% TA 40% PE | See more




Fabrics | Knits | Joaps Malhas, Portugal | Réf : MAPL200885 - CO Natural| 100%Organic Cotton | See more



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Jrc Reflex, France | Réf : TIS145ELASBLD - CO FABRIC STRETCH WINDS OF FREEDOM | 56%FABRIC 32% GLASS BEADS 12% BONDING RESIN | See more



It's official: the SS 2020 colour range will be cheerful and lively!



New combinations, monochromes, and new neutrals subtly mixing warms and colds, for bold but balanced stylistic preferences.


(Re) Discover the SS 2020 Première Vision colour range.

* tones referenced in the Première Vision Paris colour range.












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