WOMEN A/W 2019-20 runway highlights: Colours

WOMEN A/W 2019-20 runway highlights: Colours

An autumn winter 19/20 exercise in style




Judging from the Autumn-Winter 19/20 womenswear shows, designers are opting for colour as a means to express themselves. In fact, rarely has the range of shades spotted on the runways so broadened the spectrum of colour possibilities.


Find here a selection of fabrics and leathers from the Marketplace in line with the colour highlights of the Autumn-Winter 19/20 fashion shows.



Disruptive colour range


While winter's reassuring neutrals, including classic winter whites and camel, continue, they're given a total refresh thanks to an exercise in disruptive colour range.


Lent a new twist with punchier, even grating, colour accents - led by incandescent reds and fuchsias - the camel are worked in a deliciously retro, or, on the contrary, a radically minimalist spirit.



Leather | Full grain leather | CETINKAYA KÜRK DERI KONF. TARIM, Turkey | Réf : FLUORESCENT NAPPA - CO FLUORESCENT NAPPA| Full hide | See more



Fuchsia is played down thanks to ultra-matt materials: Nappa leather or neoprene style.




Fabrics | Plain | Belinac, France | Réf : 1925 - CO NEOPRENE | 80%PA 20%EL | See more



Leather | Full grain leather | Tanneries Pechdo, France | Réf : Waxy Lamb - CO Waxy Lamb| Full hide | See more



Winter monochromes…



Monochromatic style will be an other stylistic choice.


Immaculate, milky, even dusty ecru and whites are worked on comforting fabrics such as wool bouclette and sheepskin, or, in a more rustic vein, in brushed, subtly crackled leathers.


Meantime, beige, camel and rust emerge in newly sophisticated guises. These colors make the most of next winter's key pieces - extra-strong shouldered coats, oversized capes, waist cinching belts and streamlined, high-heeled over-the-knee boots. Luxurious and enveloping fabrics - fluid wool crepes, long-haired alpaca and mohair wools - are worked in harmony to create subtly monochrome silhouettes - reflecting a supremely confident neo-bourgeois silhouette.




Leather | Full grain leather | CONCERIA MONTEBELLO, Italy| Réf : INTP - CO INTERCEPTOR PLUS | Half hide| See more



Fabrics | Plain | Del Prato Srl, Italy| Réf : MELISSA-00 - CO MELISSA-00| 68 ALPACA SURI-32 WV | See more




Vibrant colours lit by a wintry sun




Colour accents thrust us right into vivacity. While some designers showed winter and pre-summer in the same show - as if furiously eager to escape the greyness of winter - others doubled down on a more radical stance, daring a riskier style exercise: high-energy monochromes.


These pop colours engorged with pigments confirmed the disruptive colour accents found in Première Vision's winter 19-20 colour range, including N° 24 venomous yellow, N°8 synthetic pink and N°19 cobalt elixir.



As if in stylistic homage, some Milan designers went as far as dedicating their shows to just one colour: blue. This particular style exercise demands a subtle, ultra-rigorous choice of materials. Wool broadcloths with a dry handle or ultra glossy lacquered leathers: these materials lent texture to the designs.





Leather | Full grain leather | Montebello, Italy| Réf : UL - CO UNILUX| Half hide | See more




Fabrics | Plain | Nikke, Japan | Réf : U2950 - CO Nikke Scool Uniform | 50% WOOL 50% PE | See more




Acid, even fluorescent yellow, teams up with glamour for an ultra-modern silhouette - as in a transparent organza dress with giant ruffles or an ultra-fluid silk crepe dress.




Fabrics | Plain | Hironen Co Ltd, Japan| Réf : N2679 - CO Organza| PL100% | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | Jiaxin silk, China| Réf : JXPVS305 - CO 16 Silk Double Ggt| 100% SILK | See more




High-impact colours that, just like the first signs of summer 2020 and its vitamin-boosted colours, confirm the colour range presented at Première Vision Paris this last February.


The new silhouette for AW 19-20 womenswear is not at all about compromise. Strong, monochrome colours speak to bold and risky stylistic choices, which only a rigorous and precise selection of materials can make work.


Discover here the Première Vision Paris colour range.

Decoration favourites at PREMIERE VISION NEW YORK
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