In Paris, London and Milan, patterns were reassuringly classic, to better steer us to arty, offbeat directions!




The runways at the latest Fashion Weeks unveiled the cutting-edge motifs for autumn winter 2019-20, providing a terrific opportunity for ready-to-wear pros to update their collections!


Discover the Marketplace's decoration selections to update your winter19/20 collections.


Traditional or avant-garde: both of these seemingly contradictory options were proposed as options for winter-19/20 womenswear to play with. Calming, breaking and mixing codes becomes a stylistic exercise which winter 19/20 prints happily embrace.


Tartans, checks, flowers and animal motifs...these traditional, even slightly conservative references, provide reassurance.  But the runways for this next winter season didn't have anything boring in mind, and designers were quick to break with the rules governing traditional patterns.


Next winter, it's the motifs themselves that find clever new ways to heighten their impact: such as emerging in large, even gigantic, sizes; overflowing their formats; and discovering unusual placements. They had the look of artwork, with patterns so large that one single element was enough to cover the entire garment.

Frame-busting prints



Fabrics | Prints | Carnet - Division of Ratti, Italy| Réf : 8161P28 - CO Floral Yellow| 100% CO | See more


This radical choice confirms the decoration updating proposed by the Première Vision teams. It can be the garment itself that changes scale to magnify patterns - as seen, for example, in the XXL shoulder widths, symmetrical or not, serving as a backdrop for flowers or zebra stripes



Fabrics | Prints | Soieries cheval, France| Réf : 5963/4142C - CO Velours imprimé tigré |18% SE 82% VC | See more



 Plays on light



Materials that caught the light and the eye slip into motifs to disrupt and transform them: shiny pixelated coatings, metallic jacquards, inserted Lurex yarns, gleaming vinyl, flashy sequins, hairy yarns all look to find their place. Differing tensile strengths in the same weave create shrinkings, puffing up flowers from the inside.



Fabrics | Color woven | Jiaxin silk , China| Réf : JXPVS309 - CO W446P SILK METALLIC CLIP |30%SILK50%VISCOSE20%METALLIC  | See more



Fabrics | Prints | Frizza, Italy| Réf : 1200861 - CO GALAXY FUME' IMPORT PRINTED 3D FIORI |70%PU 30%PC | See more


Pop Accents



Animal markings for go any nod to naturalness, freely featuring reds, pinks, complementary tones (rust and blue, orangey yellow and purple) and even gold or silver accents.



Fabrics | Jacquard | Deveaux, France| Réf : ICELESSREX 1182 /T-0-1 - CO ICELESSREX 1182 /T-0-1 | 51%COTON 45%POLYESTER 3%AF 1%PEM| See more



Fabrics | Prints | Tessil Novex, Italy | Réf : TNG0015 PRINT - CO TNG0015 PRINT |100%PL | See more



Tartan plaids, or again, animal prints, mix black with fluorescent tones to create a colourful, luminous impact. A silhouette with an XXL build thus flaunts a zebra print expressed in wide slanted bands - another way to pack on the energy.




Fabrics | Colour woven | Deveaux, France| Réf : GIPSYFLUO 47-BKE1210-BKE1210 - CO GIPSYFLUO 47-BKE1210-BKE1210 | 83%COTON 14%POLYESTER 3%AF | See more



Fabrics | Knits | Staff Jersey, United Kingdom| Réf : 9146TF - CO Jacquard Tigrato|100%PL | See more




Tachist florals



Florals counter their realism through ikat-style blurrings, interferences, and by diluting into abstract splotches. They evoke a passing landscape viewed through a car window and shot at high speed, or the bubbling up of magma. When they alight for a spell, they adopt black backgrounds that add to their dramatic strength, intensifying the liveliness of their colours.



Fabrics | Prints | Deveaux, France| Réf : MARYLAINE /IMP-23325B-GW01 - CO MARYLAINE /IMP-23325B-GW01 |85%VISCOSE 15%LAINE| See more



Fabrics | Jacquard | Piero Galli , Italy| Réf : Art. 8392/HC - CO Cloquet |11% SE 89%PL| See more



There's just one small step between tried and true classic motifs and the touch of madness that - like a naughty thumb of one's nose -  shakes up, disguises and transforms. The challenge of the season will be to tweak this boundary, or cheerfully break right through it, to take the kind of daring risks that can lead to something spectacular. The show must go on! (ou It's a high art!)!





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