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Fabrics AW 2122 / Essentials: Coats and Jackets

For outerwear, wool and wool blends explore authenticity expressed in new ways, aspects and handles enriched by a subtle hybrid of genres.

Fabrics AW2122 / Essentials: Jackets and pants

Coats and jackets show the growing intersection between elegance and casual.

Fabrics AW2122 / Essentials: Tops and shirts

Tee-shirt and sweatshirt knits, casual and more formal shirtings move to versions with more elaborate compositions and constructions.

Fabrics AW2122 / Essentials: Dresses and tops

Dresses and tops show a graceful feminity, perfectly balanced between well-being and allure;

Material collections


A cutting-edge fashion selection of fabrics for the fluid and tailored markets

Key cotton, woolen, cottony, linen and synthetic products for knit or woven tops, dresses, pants and jeans, women’s and men’s suits, jackets and outerwear.

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