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Fabrics & Designs AW2122 / Fancies: Mineral and floral

Decorations are inspired by minerals and flowers, showing all the rich know-how that goes into laces, jacquards, silkies and embroideries.

Fabrics & Designs AW2122 / Fancies: Refreshed authentics

Decorations take a playfully offbeat approach to classic, traditional and authentic motifs.

Designs AW2122: Inspirational nature

Designers' inspirations are deeply tied to a pronounced mineral quality cuts across all of the season's activity sectors.

Material collections


Decoration highlights: jacquards, lace, embroideries and prints

A fashion-oriented selection of the season's key decorative designs, illustrated via prints, jacquards, yarn-dyeds, lace and embroidery, as well as motifs from design studios.

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