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Lewave is a subsidiary branch of Babeeni. The brand was launched after giving birth to Our CEO's first daughter. Lewave is a leading manufacturer/wholesaler of children smocked dresses with excellent quality and good service!
Minimum Order Quantity 200 pieces/mix designs and you will get big promotion for large order. Price rank: $8- $13. Nice Production time is about 30 days

Lewave Co. Ltd all began with the knowledge and understandings that Mrs. Marry Le inherited from her family, who held over 20 years of handicraft experience. Also, Mrs. Marry Le acknowledged the obstacles that many retailers face with when starting up a clothing boutique. Finding a right manufacturer involves a lot of time, money, stress and travelling. Therefore, the establishment of Babeeni company is to take this hurdle away from you, assisting you so that you can fully focus on making profit and growing your brand.
Our Mission:
Fostering Happiness to People around the world in a Positive Manner
Babeeni is not just a garment company; we are business of delivering joyful brand experience by giving moms a chance to design their own customized baby clothes and build their own boutique at home.
We have the Commitment to lead, to enhance, to provide best-value products and services in an ethical manners to our global customers, employees, disabled people and community.
Our Vision:
We strive to be a global leader in children handmade clothing by bringing inspiration and creating economic opportunity to every mom in the world.
Lewave believes moms should have more time spending with their newborn baby and their family, inspiring them to express their best selves and achieve amazing things by working at home. We want to make handmade children apparel accessible for every moms and help them to spark wealth through profits and growth.

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