Première Vision NY has just closed its doors. The New York show provided an opportunity for the Marketplace to share its first fabric favourites for winter 20-21, through a selection of products, which you can find here.


First unveiled on the Marketplace through a selection of fabrics, the earliest pattern directions from the NY show focused on nocturnal mystery.


These designs hovered between dream and reality, updating floral motifs with a luxuriant and slightly disturbing approach to nature, and featured a range of pigmented and ambiguous darks.


Geometric designs were another decorative highlight at the NY show. These geometrics break the rules, obviously eager to show themselves off, take centre stage, and express their multiple facets.


From the techniques used to the colour combinations employed, geometric decorations strive to be inventive and upset traditional looks.


This play on pretence is particularly interesting in jacquards. Circular and square patterns merge and meld. The use of cut-yarns and insets opens the door to unusual looking combinations of shapes. These subtle yet extravagant plays are made possible thanks to silky fabrics, which are conducive to the interplay of matt and shiny contrasts. The play on materials and shapes sometimes evokes an Amerindian style. Brushings and playful thicknesses are also used to blur the tracks, and update classic houndstooths and Prince of Wales patterns.





Fabrics | Jacquard | Goutarel, France | Réf : 73456- CO 73456| 36% Polyester 27%Polyamide 21% Soie 16%PM| See more



Fabrics | Embroidery | ESTAR TEKSTIL NAKIS SANAYI LTD.STI., Turkey | Réf : 18928-18928| 100%PES | See more



Fabrics | Wollens | Laurent Garigue, United Kingdom | Réf : 1126- CO 1126| 78%MOHAIR 16%WOOL 6%NYLON | See more



Fabrics | Jacuqard | Goutarel, France | Réf : GJ764/D764- CO GJ764/D764| 61% PES 11%PM 28% PA | See more



Fabrics | Embroidery | ESTAR TEKSTIL NAKIS SANAYI LTD.STI., Turkey | Réf : 18910- CO 18910| 90%PES 10%MET | See more




Fabrics | Jacquard | MALHIA KENT, France | Réf : T121555- CO T121555 |8,8 % CO - 0,7 % OF - 2 % NYLON - 0,9 % PA - 58,5 % PC - 14,9 % PL - 12,7 % VI - 0,3 % WM - 1,2 % WO | See more


Decorations that blur the tracks - and herald an autumn-winter 20-21 season marked by a desire to stand out and be seen.


This foretaste of the autumn-winter 20-21 decorations awaits confirmation at the Première Vision Paris show next 17 to 19 September in Paris.


Order your pass and get ready to discover the full panoply of Autumn-Winter 20-21 highlights at the show....



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