Firm masculine tailoring

Yielding to the charms of these slightly dry, slightly rough wools, wools that won't give in to any softening up! Luxuriously unruly, these chic and compact worsted suitings will sculpt jackets with purposeful lines. Deliberately conventional patterns lend themselves beautifully to this essentially tactile divergence.


12 strong cottons, eco-friendly workwear

Discover our selection of distinctly drawn weaves in cotton, utilitarian twills and compact basketweaves, a must to design this winter’s coats, jackets and pants. Their added values are their ecological qualities, like organic or recycled cottons, productions mindful of water consumption, and sustainable finishings.

Innerwear or outerwear, jacket or shirt?

Why not both, depending on the weather, on one's mood? These are intermediary, somewhat surprising weights that are a call to reinvent overshirts and switch up uses. In wool or cotton. These fabrics between overshirt and jacket have added appeal thanks to their delicious, non-traditional colorways, and their warm airy or brushed handles.

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