Marketplace Première Vision

Marketplace Première Vision

Are you a buyer, a creator, or a designer in the fashion industry searching to source materials for your collection? Are you a fabric, leathers, or accessories supplier? Première Vision gives you access to its exclusive BtoB E-commerce digital platform.
A website reserved for the selected exhibitors of our Première Vision shows.

How it works?

Are you a buyer, stylist or designer in the fashion industry?
Are you a manufacturer and exhibitor at the Première Vison Paris show?
See how our BtoB Marketplace will help you to run your business.

A buyer searches and finds materials through galleries

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A supplier uploads product catalog into the online gallery

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Why join the Première Vision Marketplace?

Première Vision Marketplace, a unique development opportunity.

A buyer requests samples, quotes and make orders

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A supplier receives and manages buyers requests

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How to become a buyer/supplier?

A simple process to get onboarding.

A buyer registers and creates a free account

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A supplier registers and creates a shop online

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When will the Première Vision Marketplace open?

5 key date

May 2018

Fabrics suppliers: Open your digital booth and list your product online with the support of our team

July 2018

Buyers: register online and be ready for the opening

Sept 2018

Let’s go! Sell and source your materials online

October 2018


Open your digital booth and list your product online with the support of our team

March 2019


Open your digital booth and list your product online with the support of our team


If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.

Who can sell on the Première Vision Marketplace?

If you are already an exhibitor at the Première Vision Paris show, you will automatically have your digital booth on the Marketplace. The platform is limited to the selected Première Vision exhibitors.

Who can buy on the Première Vision Marketplace?

All professionals of the fashion Industry can register and source their materials on Première Vision Marketplace.

How much does it cost?

For the providers, it will cost the price of one extra square meter per season, please check with our team for the details regarding the cost to access Premium Digital booth functionalities.

What will be the guarantees of payment?

The marketplace Première Vision assumes a trusted third-party role, payments made by the visitor are verified and guaranted. We use a provider for the payment solution that has accreditation to collect payments on an escrow account for the provider. When an order is transmitted, we have already received the payment. There is thus no risk of outstanding payment. The payments are made on fixed date, 3 times a month by transfer to the bank account you indicated us.

How will the marketplace expedition logistics will be managed?

The exhibitors are responsible for the expedition logisitcs of their product.

Contact us

Contact our team for any type of information
+33 (0) 4 72 60 65 00
Marketplace team, Niccolo Magnelli, Marion Gobillot, Yen-Vy Nguyen, Gaël Seguillon

Free access
for professionals of the fashion industry (buyers, designers, stylists...)
Search and find your materials
into galleries, magazine trends, articles, supplier’s shops
Contact a supplier
and get your sample or buy online with a secured payment system
Reply within 72h
You are already
a selected member of Première Vision’s exhibitors
Open your shop
and upload your product catalog in the gallery
sample requests and orders
Reply within 72h
An exclusive digital platform
to source fabric, leathers, accessories for your collections
Manage your requests online
for samples, quotes, catalogs and orders
Advanced search tools
to filter criteria for your selection
Editorial content focused on trends
directly linked to manufacturer's collections
Secured transaction
fraud protection and dedicated customer service
A turn-key solution
to manage your online business
An effective support
for your international development
Receive and manage your requests
for samples, quotes, catalogs and online orders
The confidentiality of your creations protected
thanks to private catalogs
Première Vision as a trusted third party
secure transactions and warranties
step 1


Create your free account, the access is restricted to professionals of the fashion industry

You are already a Première Vision show visitor: you can use the same login and password, when you first login, just confirm your contact details, identity and company.

If you have never visited our shows, you need to fill in your identity and company details to be able to register and access the products.
step 2


Search among supplier’s collection, filtering the offer you are looking for with multiple criteria filter (composition, design, sustainability, price ...).
step 3


Manage your requests online for samples, quotes, catalogs and orders. Ask for accreditation to access to the private catalogs.
step 1


You must already be an exhibitor on the Paris Première Vision show

Accept the general conditions while registering for your booth on the Paris Première Vision show.
step 2

to your platform

Click on the link provided by email, your personal information will be filled out. Or if it is not listed, please update it. Upload your shop visual identity: a logo and a banner.
step 3

List your product catalog
and digital booth pictures

Complete the template for your 6 product description. Then upload your pictures or send us your products and we will shoot them for you.
step 4

Sell online

Your shop is online, receive and manage your requests for samples, quotes, catalogs and online orders.