S/S 2020 UPDATING : Athleisure

S/S 2020 UPDATING : Athleisure


Première Vision's recent Updating survey brought into focus the leading trends for Spring-Summer 2020. 


In particular, the survey revealed an emerging dressy trend - recently examined in the following article - which is an interesting new development well worth exploring.


It also confirmed athleisure as a strong trend for next season - a trend undergoing a total refresh thanks to more refined, holistic silhouettes.


Find here a selection of inspiring fabrics and leathers to update your athleisure-inspired collection.



Purity and lightness



A silhouette to develop throughout the season. For city looks, volumes have been redesigned in weights that are as light as possible, and play on transparency thanks to layers and overlays.


Here we're thinking in particular of an extra light wind-breaker - a key item for next season - in an immaculate white, with neon accents or a light, pearly coating. The look is sporty and pared down.



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Toray Sakai Weaving & Dyeing (Nantong) Co.,Ltd, China | Réf : TW573SPU - CO Nylon | Nylon100% | See more



Fabrics | Casual | Gipitex srl, Italy | Réf : Retinato - CO Retinato | 100% PL | See more




Fabrics | Technical fabrics| FT TEX CO.,LTD, South Korea | Réf : KF-61393 - CO KF-61393 | 70% PU 30% P | See more




Stretch and sheathing knits


A silhouette where knits play an essential role, updated by the use of ultra-stretch and sheathing blends. Fleeces have runny, slippery handles, giving them a more urban and chic look. These are ideal fabrics for the season's truly essential pieces: a long, draped dress or a fluid top with knotted details.




Fabrics | Knits| Luxury Jersey srl, Italy | Réf : VIS 0001 - CO DRESS 2 | 86%Vi 14%Pa | See more




Fabrics | Knits| RDD Textiles, Portugal | Réf : AFI008 - CO Clean and Fluid Fleece | 96% CLY 4% EL | See more



Watercolour decorations



The season's new decorative trends are broken down equally across knits and wovens. In particular, we're envisioning blurry and water-coloured designs, both top choices for the season in our Updating survey.

A tie-dye print on a baggy tomboy shirt, for a 90's effect, for example, or an abstract watercolour design on a stretchy knit for a bodysuit or a sporty bra top. The truly edgy will opt for a total look, with a printed top and printed biker shorts.




Fabrics | Prints| AKTEKS-NEON, Turkey | Réf : DG10083/16011/BTHVN - CO BEETHOVEN | 100/PES | See more




Fabrics | Prints| DEVEAUX SAS, France| Réf : MADDOX /IMP-26194-JS01-GAMME (503092) - CO MADDOX /IMP 26194 JS01-GAMME | 100%COTON | See more


Diffused decorations, in a rainbow spirit, which are also interesting in technical fabrics and beachwear.




Fabrics | Casual | Gipitex srl, Italy | Réf : Rajah - CO Rajah | 46% PA 54% PL | See more



Crispy freshness



For bottom pieces, led by loose-fitting pants and utility jumpsuits, pieces are revamped in crispy fabrics such as coton or polyamide.



Fabrics | Plain| Tessitura Corti, Italie| Réf : LDOLLY008 - CO DOLLY 8 | 100% PA | See more





Accessories have sporty shapes - as in multi-pocketed waist bags or banana bags - and crafted in elegant materials: subtle leathers that are just barely iridescent or even rainbow-hued for a more striking look.



Leather | Full grain leather| Société Nouvelle Mégisserie Colombier, France | Réf : LOU MOSAIQUE OR - CO LOU MOSAIQUE OR | Lamb | See more



Leather | Full grain leather | PELLICAN SRL, Italy | Réf : 0006NLM - CO NAPPA LAME'| Lamb | See more





Finally, transparent materials will be used for designer sneakers, with blob soles to add touch of neon flash.



Fabrics | Technical fabrics | Schmid, Italy| Réf : P3094 - CO Softy | PV 93% PU 7% | See more




Fabrics | Plain| Schmid, Italy | Réf : R3645 - CO Tulle | PA 100% | See more



Athleisure is coming clearly into focus as one of the key trends for next SS 2020 - a direction to be updated with lightened handles and visuals.


Find more of the Marketplace's product selections in the SS 2020 Updating articles dedicated to colours, prints and the new dressy trend.


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