S/S 21 FAVOURITES: Ethereal substance

S/S 21 FAVOURITES: Ethereal substance

The S/S21 season marks an irrepressible call for airiness, a desire to cast off superfluity. The urge to break free of a surrounding gravity leads to a refocusing on natural elements, using poetry and fantasy to breathe life into the ephemeral.


Airy effects take on a new denseness, grow palpable, infusing us with their energy.



Tactile & airy


This season, transparency takes centre stage, inviting light and air into our daily lives. Transparent yet not intangible, fabrics seek a certain weightlessness, a feeling of substance.


Voiles thicken and are covered with discreet, shifting reliefs. Calendered rather than coated, their shines are reminiscent of a fine mist of fog floating on a glassy surface.


Ecologically-dyed technical fabrics evoke tracing-paper layers permeated by a soft, comforting light. Semi-transparent silk voiles with a light, crinkled look in a range of pale and cool pastels suggest all the lightness and density of an invigorating spring breeze. The discreet jacquard of a silk organza voile gives structure to the evanescence of a ray of sunshine piercing a cloudy, shadowy sky.



Fabrics | Colour-woven | Elyaf Tekstil, Turkey | Réf : 33063Y.00 - 33063Y.00 | 100%PES | See more



Fabrics | Silkies | MANDARIN ENTERPRISES, Hong Kong | Réf : MSJ10H-ES - MSJ10H-ES | 100% SE | See more



Architectural transparency



Transparency is enlivened by architectural, raised reliefs.


Silk gauze is embroidered with a tone-on-tone yarn to create a geometric pattern. Mini embossings give life to a semi-transparent voile, while optical effects, alternating mattness and shine, reveal the presence of a beneficial light. Simple, rectilinear, opaque lines are layered on top of each other, structuring transparency to make it more dense.




Fabrics | Silkies | PIERO GALLI, Italy | Réf : 10626/HC - 10626/HC | Not speicified | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | PALATEKS, Turkey | Réf : CHECKERS_0538 - CHECKERS_0538 | 100 % PES | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | WEFT, Italy| Réf : WW281757 - WW281757 | Not specified | See more



Poetic fantasy


A minimalistic but not over-simplified transparency is thoroughly infused with poetry.  A piece-dyed polyester voile printed with floral motifs enhances nature, paying homage to its beauty. In technical fabrics, innovation is there to serve fantasy. A polyester with a responsible finish and a watercolour print transcends the plant universe.


Another fantasy direction: plumetis and cut-thrown yarns sprinkle transparent voiles with a scattering of colourful or two-tone petals, giving them body.





Fabrics | Silkies | GIPITEX, Japan | Réf : SAVI 70 - SAVI 70| 100% PL | See more



Fabrics | Prints | Ilay, Turkey | Réf : 9410 - 2141-A Burnout | 85%VI 15%PES | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | OZCIMEN, Turkey | Réf : J-4672 ES-7133 - J-4672 ES-7133 | 75% PL 21% PA | See more




Fabrics | Silkies | ZHEJIANG JIAXIN SILK, China | Réf : WSR050Z - WSR050Z| 63% SE 37% PL | See more



Cheery accessories



The visual purity of Plexiglas is used to dramatize accessories. Geometric shapes - especially square and rounded forms - present acid-toned accents. Colourful elements trapped within transparent cubes are inspiringly reminiscent of poetic crystallised flowers, deliciously candied fruit and jellied candies. Shapes are deliberately pure and round. Translucent pebbles recall the mineral quality of stones and are shot through with seemingly floating filaments of colour.





Accessoiries| Jewellery components | VALTER SRL, Italy | Réf : VALTER 1 - VALTER 1 | Other fibres| See more




Accessoiries | Buttons | BOTTONIFICIO BAP SPA, Italy | Réf : BAP 1 - BAP 1 | Other fibres | See more




The S/S21 season promises to reduce the superfluous to better connect us to what is essential. Materials are airy yet assertively dense to better magnify nature and the elements, offering up a poetic vision of beauty.


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