The PV Award-winning leather are available on the Marketplace!

The PV Award-winning leather are available on the Marketplace!


The latest edition of the PV Awards Fabrics this past September saw eco-responsibility emerging as a key focus in the exhibitors' creative new textiles. A turning point also confirmed by the leathers garnering prizes at the PV Leather Awards.


See The Marketplace to discover the unique leathers honoured with a PV Leather Award at the PV show last September.




The 2019 Grand Jury Prize for Leather was awarded to Akto Planning Inc. (South Korea)

The Grand Jury Prize is awarded to the most surprising, symbolic and pertinent leather of the season.



Founded in 2012 in South Korea, Akto specialises in developing eco-responsible leather materials. Their PV Award winner is part of their Leather and Leather Textile range, which uses leather scraps from certified eco-responsible tanneries that adhere to strict quality standards. Their " twill velvet ", which won the Grand Jury Prize, is created from a yarn made from recycled cow leather scraps. This patented yarn, called Erly, for 'eco recycled leather yarn', is a blend of leather and rayon, and is obtained without the use of any chemicals, additional water or toxic products. The high-density twill velvet is similar to a dense, lightweight leather and can therefore be used in the same way as classic sueded leather, yet has a lighter weight.




Leather | Flesh split | ATKO planning inc.., South Korea| Ref : AFY_5023E_200 - Moquette|Cow | See more



The 2019 Fashion Smart Creation Prize was awarded to Kotai Tannery (Taiwan-China)

The Smart Creation Fashion Award recognizes the most responsible and creative fabric and leather.




Leather | Full grain leather | KOTAI TANNERY, Taïwan| Ref : Hydrangea - Hydrangea |Full hide | See more



The story behind the making of Kotai's product, which won the Smart Creation Prize for Leather, is an integral part of this pivotal moment in the fashion industry.

The award-winning product is a true blend of innovation, creativity and eco-responsibility.

To make it, the company uses the "skiver", i.e. the grain part of the leather split created during the manufacturing of nubuck, on a pigskin base.

A 3D floral pattern is then created on this skiver. A process that, in addition to employing eco-responsible techniques (metal-free, vegetable tanning...) on a skin intended for scrap, results in a highly creative and imaginative leather.



The 2019 Handle Prize for Leather was awarded to Marmara Deri (Turkey).

The Leather Handle Prize recognises the fabric and leather with the most astonishing tactile and behavioural qualities, those with the strongest emotional impact.




Leather | Fur | Marmara Deri, Turkey| Ref : PV_AWARD_1 - Napato |Full hide | See more



The double-sided kangaroo skin has a very short, silky and dense coat, giving it a roundness and extreme shine with a lustrous appearance akin to otter fur. It is an extremely supple, quite airy skin with a velvety feel. On the reverse side of this double-sided kangaroo, a matt skin adds a contemporary contrast.




The 2019 Imagination Prize for Leather was awarded to Spain's FC Creacio.

The Imagination Prize honours the boldest, most original leather in terms of decoration, technique, finishing, innovation and technology.




Leather | Full grain leather | FC CREACIO I INNOVACIO SL, Spain| Ref : NO LEATHER WASTE PV AWARDS AW2021 - NO LEATHER WASTE |leather | See more



The winning, 100% eco-friendly product is a canvas coated with a thin layer of leather made from the scrap of finished or unfinished dried tanned skins. This is a disaggregating waste process that produces small fibres, which are then agglomerated and applied to 100% recycled cotton.

Colours can therefore be chosen on request, either in a solid hue or by creating a design with several colours. The sample that won the 2019 Imagination Prize PV AWARD uses a combination of colours obtained through an artisanal process, whose visual effect is similar to the metallic and oxidized effects that are a must this season.


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