AW 20/21 Updating Report: decorations



The Autumn/Winter 20-21 Update survey, conducted from October to November 2019, canvassed selected international buyers.

This survey aims to identify the products that are essential to update the next winter collections, and here we take a look at what it revealed to be the most popular decorations. The products can be found now on the Première Vision Marketplace via our selection.


Last September's Première Vision Paris show showcased a generous and dense season. Nature, one of the major themes running through the show's decorative designs, took on a strange and disturbing look, sometimes contrasted with a grating chromatic dissonance. The success of these creative choices was confirmed by the Update survey. The more classic decorative patterns such as checks, houndstooths, and animal motifs are still important in this survey but Nature will be definitely the most popular for the next season.


Colour shakes up the classics



The first focus of the survey reveals the importance of reworked and revised classics. Houndstooth, Prince of Wales and XXL checks are expressed with clashing colour accents.

Thus, an XXL check against a black background from Picchi, somewhat classic at first glance, is given a modern update with fluorescent green and orange accents.




Fabrics | Woollens | PICCHI, Italy | Réf : 17709F - CO 17709F | 17%WO 47%PC 32%PL 4%AF | See more


The hairy materials, ideal for coats and large pieces, and also emerging on checked woollens, are played in a range of powerful colours.




Fabrics | Suitings | M.T.T Spa, Italy | Réf : LIV N L WASH - CO LIV N L WASH | 28%AL 22%MO 18%VW 18%CO 14%PA | See more



Also revealed in the survey: animal patterns look to be an essential decorative feature of the AW 20/21 season. Here too, colour is used to give a new spin to animal designs.



At Argomenti, a classic beige leopard print on a polyurethane and recycled polyester blend is updated with primary accents for an almost Tachist look.



Fabrics | Prints | ARGOMENTI TESSILI Srl, Italy | Réf : DUBLINO 139 - CO DUBLINO 139 | 90%PLR 10%PL | See more



At Timbrados, fur flocked onto a goatskin also imitates an animal print.



Fabrics | Full grain leather | TIMBRADOS RUBIO, Spain | Réf : AR03684 - CO SONS 9006 | Goat | See more




Generous and captivating flowers



Last September, Première Vision focused on floral decorations. The survey shows that florals are clearly next season's key Decoration theme. Floral decorations that turned sharply away from romantic flowers, refreshed by slightly disturbing cloudy and dark atmospheres.

In this survey, international buyers opted for flowers that were rather realistic and in any case less diffuse. Climbing, captivating, they gave a fresh flavour to classic floral lace decorations.




Fabrics | Lace | Dentelles André Laude, France | Réf : 318/5 - CO Dentelle Guipure | 30%CO 55% Viscose 15% Nylon | See more



In realistic and generous prints, flowers positively bloom in this strange universe. Digital prints enhance their naturalistic elegance with refined precision. The black backgrounds, in silk or viscose, further accentuate their luminous potential...




Fabrics | Prints | OTOJAL, Portugal | Réf : 20W10094_CL1 - CO 20W10094_CL1| 100% CV | See more




Fabrics | Casual | LISA Spa, Italy | Réf : 406405 - CO 406405 | 100%PES | See more






Exuberant vegetation



As proof that this season's decorations will be truly be an ode to nature, buyers also applauded vegetation rooted in realism.

At Estar, precision embroideries with multicoloured leaves look as if they've been cut out, ready to be glued in a herbarium.




Fabrics | Embroidery | ESTAR TEKSTIL, Turkey | Réf : 19050 - CO 19050 | 100%PES | See more



André Laude's lace entangles yarns like the complex branches of an invasive fern.




Fabrics | Lace | Dentelles André Laude, France | Réf : 18165 - CO  Dentelle| 80% CO 20% Viscose | See more



At Ricamificio Paolo, the cotton/silk/polyester satiny blend with abstract plant motifs is bewitching.




Fabrics | Lace | RICAMIFICIO PAOLO ITALY, Italy | Réf : 43185A04 - CO 43185A04| 60%PL 26%SE 14%CO | See more




The double-faced and padded fabric from Ritex, with its chlorophyll-green embroidered foliage, is another tribute to this verdant nature.



Fabrics | Lace  | RITEX LAB SRL, Italy | Réf : 30_11032 - CO 30_11032 | 90% PL 10%PA

| See more



Nocturnal forest



This exuberant nature is sometimes tinged with mystical blues, intoxicating purples and deep bordeaux to create a nocturnal landscape.

On Wensli's printed silk, decorations mutate between themselves; the boundaries between plant and animal motifs are blurred.




Fabrics | Silkies | Wensli, China| Réf : 1907831-J - CO 1907831-J | 100% Silk | See more



An imitation game is also at work in the foliage at Imago Rola or the dévoré motif at FTF.




Fabrics | Prints | FRANCE TEXTILE FABRICATION, France | Réf : DEVORE_PALMS - CO LEE| 65% POLY 35% VIS | See more




Fabrics | Jacquard | IMAGO-ROLA, Italy | Réf : E - CO Canasi | 58%CO28%PL4%EL | See more



Precise branches, dense foliage and realistic flowers: the AW20/21 Updating survey puts nature firmly in the spotlight. A nature occasionally disturbed by synthetic colour accents, which also shake up the coming season's classic animal skins and geometrics.












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