« ​We are pleased to invite you to join us for this digital event running alongside the Première Vision Paris show which will take place in Paris Nord Villepinte from 15 to 16 September. We have developed brand-new content and services to inspire you right now and to offer you even more support in the creation of your collections. Welcome to your digital show ! »



A revised concept in a format adapted to the current health regulations: digital badges, distribution of sanitizer and masks, new show layout​

more info about the show


for all visitors.​




An exclusive programme of 20 digital talks to help analyse and decipher the season and the future challenges for the industry.



The most creative and representative products from exhibitors' collections.

Inspiring content to better understand and decipher the autumn/winter 21-22 season.




Find all the exhibitors at Première Vision shows right now. Source from nearly 1 200 suppliers, selected for the quality of their products.

New features are now available to facilitate your research and your discussions all year round.



suppliers using the new criteria​


All your appointments easily​


Your preferred suppliers in one click



Our teams are at your entire disposal to provide answers and ensure you get the most from your show, whether it is physical or digital. #HAPPYTOGETHER


Questions about the digital show

What is the Digital show and what kind of content will I find there?

It’s a virtual event created to complement the physical show taking place in Paris Nord Villepinte from 15 to 16 September 2020.

On the Digital Show platform, you can find:

  • Fashion and market content including:
    • Product decodings and selections for the A/W 21/22 season, plus the ability to order samples or products by the meter through the Marketplace website.
    • Some 20 free webinars addressing «The Futures of Fashion».
  • The collections of exhibitors who have registered for the Première Vision Paris show, and the ability to contact them directly or make an appointment.

How do I access the Digital Show?

Simply enter your login and password or create an account on the Marketplace website to access the full contents of the Digital Show.

What if I don’t have a Première Vision or Marketplace account?

No problem - just fill in the form with your personal and company information. The SIRET and intra-community VAT fields are not mandatory when creating an account, but will be required to place any orders.​

What if I already have a Première Vision account?

You do not need to create a new account.

If you have ordered your pass for the physical September 2020 Première Vision Paris show or you have previously attended a Première Vision Paris show

Use the same identifiers as those you use on the Première Vision Paris website.

Please note: Creating an account on the Marketplace website does not replace the need to purchase a pass for the physical show, even though the show is free of charge. Your pass must be ordered from the Première Vision e-shop.

Who can access and visit the Digital Show? Will there be any charge to do so?

The Digital Show is open to all fashion industry professionals, whether or not they are able to attend the physical Première Vision Paris show. Access to the Digital Show is completely free of charge.​

What’s the difference between the PREMiÈRE VISION Marketplace and the Digital Show?

The Digital Show is a temporary virtual event which will be hosted on the Première Vision Marketplace.

It presents season-specific content and is a digital version of the Première Vision Paris show.

The Marketplace is accessible throughout the year, independent of show dates.

When can I access the Digital Show?

Starting 9 July you’ll be able to start discovering the new platform, where you’ll find: new features to help you contact exhibitors and the first free webinars in the « Futures of Tomorrow » series.

From 15 September on, to coincide with the opening of the physical show, you'll find the decodings and product selections for the A/W 21/22 season, as well as the webinar program.

Questions about the physical show

Does access to the Digital Show give me access to the physical show too?

When ordering a pass for the September 2020 Première Vision Paris physical show , you will create an account with a login and password.
These same logins and passwords give you access to all the contents of the Digital Show and the Première Vision Marketplace.​
If you have already attended a previous Première Vision Paris show, your login and password will give you access to the Digital Show and the Marketplace.​
However, if you have registered only for the Première Vision Marketplace - and therefore for the Digital Show - you do not have access to the Première Vision Paris physical show.​
Creating an account on the Marketplace website does not replace purchasing a pass for the physical show, even if there is no fee to attend the show. ​
You will still need to purchase a pass for the show from the Première Vision e-shop.

Next dates: 15-16 September 2020 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)​ at Paris-Nord Villepinte​
Opening hours: 9am – 6:30pm

What health measures will be in force at the show?

The French government and the federation of event organisers (UNIMEV) are currently in negotiation around this very topic.

Here are answers to some main questions you may have regarding the health measures that will be put in place at the September show, to assure our exhibitors and attendees of optimal visiting conditions :

  • Visitors as well as exhibitors will use digital badges (which can be a pdf on your smartphone, or read directly from your Première Vision app).
  • Traffic flow will be managed at the entrance and exit, to quantify the show’s total population at any time, as requested by the authorities.
  • Signage reminding everyone of the protective measures to respect will be placed at the entrances and at strategic points inside the show.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all our welcome desks, information points and areas where the public are present.
  • Wearing a mask will be compulsory for everyone at the show. Free masks will be provided to our visitors.

Number of people who can attend the show:

The social distancing requirements of the health authorities are easily compatible with the size of Paris Nord Villepinte, and will allow us to welcome the usual number of visitors to the show.. Aisles will never be less than 3m wide, to maintain a comfortable circulation of traffic in both directions.

Number of people who can be  in a stand at the same time:

the surface area of a stand should make it possible to allow for a social distance of 1 meter between individuals, meaning 3 to 4 m² per person. Therefore, a 36m² stand can hold 9 to 12 people at the same time.

Services (restaurants, rest areas, documentation, etc.):

All the services required for the normal operation of the show will be present as usual. Refreshment areas, rest areas and welcome areas will in general be larger, to allow for social distancing.​

Communications information at the show:

No paper documentation will be distributed, all show information will be available on the website and the Première Vision Paris app.

For more information please see our Health Measures

How do I get to Première Vision Paris ?

Getting to Paris Nord Villepinte :

The shuttle service departing from Porte Maillot will be stepped up, with a larger number of outbound and return trips.​
The taxi service we are setting up at Paris Nord Villepinte will also be expanded.​
The health measures currently in place for public transportation in Paris are expected to be eased by September. Negotiations are also under way between the Events Federation and public transport organizations in the Ile-de-France region to increase the frequency of RER stops at the Parc des Expositions station.​

Is this new protocol definitive?

Health measures are based on the latest recommendations from the health authorities, so they are evolving. They will continue to conform to requirements issued by these authorities.​

Is entry to the show free?

To access the physical show you must order a pass.
We are committed to ensuring that as many of you as possible attend the September event.
As an exception, in this particular post-pandemic context, passes will be free of charge for all visitors.

What is a digital pass?

The pass is the means of access for anyone wishing to gain entry to Première Vision Paris. It is sent by email. The pass is entirely digital, and can be either:​

How do I use the digital pass to enter the show?

  1. Log on to your Visitor account
  2. In the menu " My passes ", download the pass in pdf format.
  3. Present your pass on your smartphone screen at the entrance gates of the halls.​
  4. Keep your badge in a handy place on your phone, in case you are asked for it as you circulate through the show.​

I haven’t received/ I lost my digital pass, what do I do?

Log on to your Visitor account to download, edit and optionally print your pass. Click on the "pass" tab.

If you are still unable to retrieve your pass, when you get to the show, go to the « Pass Assistance » counter in the hall where you are and, if possible, show the bill for the pass which you received by email, to show our welcome team that you purchased your pass but did not receive it. The team there will check your file and re-issue your pass.

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