La plateforme e-commerce B2B de Première Vision

La plateforme e-commerce B2B de Première Vision


Anbievolution is a creative and innovative company that stands out in the textile sector, keeping up with the current trends. Since 1998, and with experience being our motto, we have dedicated ourselves to the production and marketing of all types of circular knits, with the ultimate result being a part of the fashion industry, namely, in indoor and outdoor clothing. We represent a new approach to the market, with high-quality standards, constant attention to our customers' needs and a great capacity to respond to the market's demands. We have our own knitwear collection that is the result of recurrent and detailed research of the main trends in the fashion world, lead by our creative team. In this collection, we have recently added sustainable knits that are distinguished by being made from organic and recycled materials. Our knits are synonymous with responsible textile manufacturing, from the raw material to the final product, being properly certified so that our partners can trust their true value. Our mission is based on building an efficient organizational structure, based on simple, transparent, efficient and accurate business processes. We believe in the marketing of textile products based on a dedicated, higher quality service that aims to satisfy and attract our strategic partners, in a sense of continuous improvement. We have a consolidated presence in the Portuguese market, but we also work directly with some of the largest international groups in the sector, especially in the Private Label format, which is why we consider ourselves partners of excellence both in the national and international markets. We stand out for our innovation, rigour, flexibility, transparency, ethics, dedication, competitiveness, speed, objectivity, demand, detail, simplicity, quality, team spirit and social responsibility. We believe that this is the only way forward for us to play our role well, and, as a result, we are ultimately prepared to deal with all the opportunities and threats that the sector presents us.

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Secteur principal



Sport actif, Vêtements enfant, Vêtements femme, Vêtements homme, Workwear

Volumes de production

300-500m, plus de 500m

Certificats entreprise

BCI, Eco Vero, GOTS, GRS by textile exchange, OCS, Organica

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Zone d'export

Afrique, Amérique du Nord, Asie, Europe

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Zona Industrial da Várzea do Monte, Pavilhão 11
4780-584 Santo Tirso

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