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Pv perspectives

Perspectives AW2122: Caring protection

The season encourages friendly protection, smart and caring ways to shield the body without being the least bit aggressive.

Perspectives AW2122: Ambivalent opulence

Fantasy is expressed ambiguously, resplendently, fluctuating between a festive extravagance and a decorative restraint.

Perspectives AW2122 : Lively by temperament

The passing of time is both elaborated and celebrated this season, the influence of nature and its fundamental elements mark the season.

Perspectives AW2122: Influential authentics

Fine know-hows are celebrated with equal parts sincerity and panache for this autumn winter 21-22.

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Pv perspectives

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The new season's most creative and representative fabrics, leathers, accessories and decorations, selected by the Première Vision fashion team from the exhibitors' latest collections.

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