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Naia From Eastman

Naia™ is a sustainable fiber brand that inspires creativity while having a measurably lower impact on Earth’s precious resources. As consumers continue to demand eco-conscious choices, the Eastman Naia™ cellulosic fiber family offers a sustainable choice—from origin to end of life. Ideal for fashion and home décor, our yarns and fibers are made from biomaterials sourced from responsibly managed forests and plantations. All Naia™ products are produced in an OEKO-TEX™ certified, closed-loop manufacturing process with a low tree-to-fiber carbon and water footprint. Naia™ is also TÜV AUSTRIA certified as biodegradable and compostable. Naia™, whether as filament yarn or staple fiber, delivers benefits for brands looking to differentiate their next collection—including superior inherent softness, comfort, ease of care, reduced piling, and quick-drying features. Our Naia™ Renew products add an even greater level of sustainability. With Naia™ Renew, recycled waste material is diverted from landfills or other undesired end-of-life options, broken down to basic building blocks via our patented molecular recycling technology, and used to produce cellulosic fibers with a carbon footprint reduced by ~35%. Molecularly the same as Naia™ legacy products, Naia™ Renew offers the same quality fiber without compromise. At Eastman, we believe collaboration is key to delivering solutions that truly make a difference. Together, we can make sustainable textiles accessible to all.

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Childrenswear, Scarves, Sweaters, knits, Womenswear, Workwear

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Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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