The Première Vision B2B e-commerce platform

The Première Vision B2B e-commerce platform



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Rediscover the AW 24-25 season's highlights and iconic products in our new video format:

Spotted: 1 minute - 1 highlight.

Enjoy a live analysis of the fashion trends at the heart of the Première Vision forums,

with the possibility of clicking on the products that interest you at any time to access more information or the supplier’s shop.


Experience the Première Vision Paris and Denim Première Vision shows as if you were there, thanks to 3D technology.  Wander around the Leather forum, part of the Inspiration Forum and the Trends agora of the Denim show in Berlin.  When a product catches your eye, simply add it to your favourites, order a sample, or contact the supplier directly.


Twice a month, discover a new theme highlighted by the Première Vision fashion team.

Start pinning your favorite suppliers and/or products and create your own lists of favorites.

Sartorial Elegance Must Have
Sustainable Sport&Outdoor fabrics Must Have
Organic Structures Must Have
Vibrant Casual Must have
Must have Textured Darks
Metallic Shine Must have
True orange Must have
Must have Leather AW 24-25
Eco Must have
Drawing with light
Precious shine
Nature symbiosis
Sport & outdoor must have


AW2425 PV Selection
AW2425 Eco-responsable
AW2425 Fabrics
AW2425 Leather
AW2425 Accessories
AW2425 Designs
AW2425 Manufacturing
AW2425 Yarns
AW2425 Sport & Tech
AW2425 Manufaturing leather
AW2425 Bag & Shoe


As of the July 2023 edition, deadstocks are available on the Première Vision Marketplace.
Over 600 products to discover and source online, and order from Première Vision suppliers.
Your move!

Leather deadstocks
Accessories deadstocks
Manufacturing deadstocks
Fabrics deadstocks


AW2425 Softened surfaces
AW2425 High contrasts
AW2425 Denim – Naturaly colored & undyed denim
AW2425 Denim selection
AW2425 Ecoresponsible Denim
AW2425 Scrambled Textures


For several years now, Première Vision has been committed to supporting and encouraging the development of a more ethical and responsible fashion industry. As part of these efforts, the fashion team shines a spotlight on environmentally responsible innovations and products during the show and throughout the year to assist you with your sourcing. Take a moment now to discover the product selections that could feature in your next collections.


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